Achieving perfect skin, hair & nails

When I was in Portugal, I drank direct-from-the-mountain water.

It was so sweet, clear and delicious, it was as they say, just as good as wine.

I ate fresh, readily available fruits and vegetables from private gardens, grown without preservatives or chemicals.

After a week or two, I noticed that my skin started clearing up.

I had smooth, bump-free skin, my cheeks were glowing and I didn’t even bother washing my face.

I just splashed some water on it at night, and dabbed dry.

My skin never, ever looked better.

After I came back to Montreal, pimples started popping up even though I continued to just splash water on my face and dabbing dry, like in Portugal.

I had to revert back to my skin washing regime with acne creams, lotions and masques.

There was no choice for me. The water here, even filtered, doesn’t taste the same, and the climate here is also different.

So what’s the point of this story? (Other than wanting to move to Portugal when I retire?)

I don’t have one, except that I am 100% convinced that eating and drinking natural water and foods, is part of the key to unlocking your skin’s beauty.

Not creams, lotions or masques.

Those are just needed to combat and counteract against the environmental factors.

We’re living in polluted cities, eating food grown with preservatives and chemicals, and drinking water that has a lot of stuff in it.

However I’m not complaining.

That’s the price we pay, to live with such a lifestyle in such a city.

I just wish I had space for a little garden, and my own personal mountain water source. 😉

The best we can do without the right environment around us, is to make sure we eat the best food we can & drink more natural liquids like water rather than pop.

I’ve also noted that what I eat makes a big difference. I stay away from oils, fats and I try not to eat processed things or sauces. I try to make everything from scratch as well.

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