Do men and women become entrepreneurs for different reasons?

Short answer? Yes.

For women who become entrepreneurs, they have the genes that push them to do it, and they are not influenced by others around them to become entrepreneurs.

Women are also taking into account what other people would think of them if they decided to become entrepreneurs (it holds them back), and may even have a mental block in wanting to take the next step.

For men, it’s the exact opposite.

They don’t have the genes that push them to go off on their own, but they are highly influenced when others around them do so.

Men also take into account what other people think of them, but it has a positive influence in pushing them to go off on their own.

You can read more about the study in fancier words here.

To be clear, I believe both men AND women have reservations about becoming entrepreneurs, so we cannot really say that ALL women are held back by what they think others will think about them, nor can we say that ALL men want to do their own thing all the time.

Interesting stuff!

I became an entrepreneur (I guess that’s what you’d call it), just because I had no other alternative (like continuing to work for one unappreciative company or another) that appealed to me.

I happened to be at the right place, at the right time and in the right job to do it. A lot of luck, I’d say.

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