How much is your face worth?

Every morning I go through a routine of products, and I thought I’d revive an old discussion: How much is your face worth?

All prices are in $CAD


  • Cleanser: Korres White Tea Fluid Gel – $27
  • Primer: CoverFX – $39 CAD
  • [OPTIONAL] Eyeshadow Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance – $24
  • Foundation: Bare Escentuals mineral foundation/Stila Foundation – $35
  • Eyeliner: Annabelle Kohl Liner – $10
  • Blush: Tarte Tipsy – $24
  • [OPTIONAL] Bronzer: Annabelle Haute Gold Zebra – $10


Notes: Naturally, I am not using the whole tub, tube, pot or compact each morning, but the morning products I use, are worth anywhere from $180 to $234.


  • [OPTIONAL] Makeup wipes: Cost-co Makeup Wipes – $10
  • Cleanser: Korres White Tea Fluid Gel – $27 **Note, I am not going to double-count this
  • [OPTIONAL] Moisturizer: Argan Oil – $18

Note: Makeup wipes and moisturizer are optional because sometimes I don’t wear makeup and other times, my skin doesn’t need moisturizer or the sulfur masque.


Potential Whole Day Total: $228

This doesn’t even include brushes, so let’s add another $50 on top of that, for a grand total of:


Without a doubt, I’d save a lot more money if I just didn’t wear makeup, but Economic Review said that women who wear a bit of makeup (trust me, none of the above looks caked on, and is very natural-looking), will earn up to 30% more than their makeup-less counterparts. (The Everyday Minimalist)

I also own a collection of other shadows and eyeliners but this would be my basic face.

You might also be interested in this post on THE SCIENCE OF MAKEUP. Very cool stuff!

I do forgo a lot of products that I feel are quite unnecessary for my face:

  • Toners: Never saw the point of using this
  • Facial Scrubs: The only ones I use are Lactic Acid by Pure and Simple now, to exfoliate my skin
  • Eye creams
  • Wrinkle creams
  • Lip Exfoliators
  • Serums of any kind

How much does your face cost?

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