What kind of frugal personality are you?

Frugalette of Super Frugalette listed out 4 types of frugal folks:

  1. Non-Frugal
  2. Selectively Frugal
  3. Categorically Frugal
  4. Exclusively Frugal

Non-Frugal = No budget but they instinctively don’t overspend, but they don’t try to be frugal.

Example: They need something and will buy something mid-priced and reasonable, but don’t wait for a sale.

Selectively Frugal = They choose where they want to be frugal but would never be looked at as being frugal, more quirky.

Example: They drive a $50,000 sports car, but cut their own hair.

Categorically Frugal = Splits into two groups — rock bottom and averaging cost. Price is a big deal and they’ll give up things to get other things.

Example: They always drive used cars to save money but spend thousands of dollars on education for their kids.

Exclusively Frugal = They’d rather die than buy something.

Example: Stealing Starbucks napkins instead of buying tissue paper for the home.

If you want to read more about these categories, check out Frugalette of Super Frugalette.


Er.. probably Categorically Frugal with a hint of Selectively Frugal thrown in. So what’s that called? Fabulously Frugal? 🙂

I do buy rather expensive things sometimes and spend a good chunk on traveling, but I don’t need a new car and there are some things I consider useless and unnecessary such as weekly spa or hair treatments (it makes me cringe when I hear people actually pay $50 just to get their hair washed and blow dried and it isn’t for any kind of special event).

Also, I can  see the value in paying for a better apartment that has a dishwasher and en-suite laundry machines, but if it was $1000 or something ridiculously more expensive, I’d go with the cheaper apartment and deal with laundromats.

I guess the best way to say it is that have limits and I want to get the most bang out of my dollar if I am going to fork it over, but I am willing to spend the money if it makes sense to me.

It’s why I will consider going to an haute gastronomie restaurant of a chef I’ve admired for a long time, and spend $300 on a single meal, but I will refuse to go out to eat in restaurants on a regular basis or order takeaway all the time.

So, what kind of frugal are you?

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