Carnival of Personal Finance #385 — Favorite Junk Food Edition

Mmm pizza. Oops sorry!

Welcome to this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance. As much as I love to train and eat well, there’s nothing like pigging out. The way I see it is that if you eat well all week and train hard, you deserve to eat like a slob one day a week. Tim Ferriss in The 4-Hour Body suggests that you eat well 6 days a week and then pig out on Saturdays. I’ve taken this advice to heart and love to pig out once a week. Today I wanted to write about junk food that I love to pig out on.

What’s my favorite junk food?

Editor’s Picks.

What’s better than some poutine? I’ve recently gotten into pulled pork poutine. A solid poutine will keep you full for the rest of the day.

Eric from Narrow Bridge Finance presents How To Pay Yourself First, and says, “Personal finance folks often throw around the term “pay yourself first.” It is a bit big-headed of us to assume you know how to do that. Here are some steps you can take to put the most popular finance advice to work.”

I always enjoy writing and reading about paying yourself first. You’ll never save money if you don’t get into the habit of saving your money before you blow it all. The best part of paying yourself first is that it requires no effort.

Robert from The College Investor presents The Ultimate Hypocrite: Robert Kiyosaki and His Company’s Bankruptcy, and says, “A story came across the news this weekend about Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and how his company went bankrupt last month. However minor you may consider it, I find it appalling as a personal finance writer. This guy made a living on selling “his story” and encouraging others to fork out tons of money to hear it. In the end, the story crumbles, and it just makes him a hypocrite.”

I really enjoyed this piece. I was always skeptical of Kiyosaki and then I found out that he had no wealth prior to the release of his book and that the “rich dad” never existed. I’m glad that I never attended any of his seminars.

Ray from Squirrelers presents Time is More Valuable Than Money, and says, “Money is of course very important. That said, we can often make more of it – but simply can’t make more time.”

Some great points are brought up in here. Money comes and goes. Time goes and never returns. How will you spend your time? 

Money management.

Pepperoni pizza. The classic junk food. You can’t go wrong with a slice of pizza after a long day. I’ve also recently started to enjoy the meat-lovers pizza. Delicious!

Martin from Studenomics presents 3-Steps to Increase Your Net Worth, and says, “How you can build up $25k in savings!”

Jason Price from One Money Design presents 3 Traps that Will Rob You of Your Financial Peace, and says, “Avoid these three financial traps and you’ll help maintain your financial peace.”

TTMK from Tie the Money Knot presents Want to Save More Money? Make More Money!, and says, “We all know that it is important to save, as what we keep is vital to our financial future. But shouldn’t we make sure to remember that in order to save, we must be sure to make money in the first place?”

Jeff Rose from Good Financial Cents presents How To Manage Money As A Couple, and says, “One of the most important tools of a successful relationship with your spouse is: Communication.”

Miss T. from Prairie Eco Thrifter presents Who Needs a Budget? I’m Doing OK!, and says, “The thing is, not having a budget is rather like not having a map when you set out on a road trip. You know where you want to end up but don’t know exactly how to get there; you miss all the best sights and waste a lot of time and money.”

Peter from Bible Money Matters presents How to Step Back and Start Fresh with Your Financial Plan, and says, “What’s a family to do in order to make sure that even when things get tough, the finances stay in relatively good shape?”


A bag of Doritos. It’s filling and it’s cheezy. Definitely enjoyable on a cheat day.

Jefferson from See Debt Run presents How to Ace Your Yearly Employee Performance Review, and says, “Have an employee performance review coming up? How to position yourself for a positive performance evaluation and how to get make sure that you get a good raise.”

Money Beagle from Money Beagle presents You Can’t Succeed If You Don’t Put Yourself In A Position To, and says, “You never know if you can accomplish something or not without trying.”

Mike from The Financial Blogger presents How’s Your ME Corp?, and says, “How are you improving your own situation?”


Milkshakes. 1,000 calories in a cup? Why not?

Teacher Man from My University Money presents The Canada Student Loans Centre Problem Solving Flow Chart, and says, “As a sort of self-therapy session in regards to the anger I felt when writing my article on student loans that was posted earlier this week I thought I would take a humorous (allegedly) look at what the training program must look like over at Canada Student Loans headquarters.”

FMF from Free Money Finance presents Thoughts on Two Personal Finance Truths, and says, “I recently ran into a couple articles that reinforced personal finance truths I’ve noted previously on FMF. It’s been a while since I covered them, so I thought I’d review the pieces with you.”


Dividend Growth Investor from Dividend Growth Investor presents Dividends versus Homemade Dividends, and says, “Relying on dividends in retirement from your nest egg is a superior strategy to selling off portions of your portfolio each year.”

Big Cajun Man from THE Canadian Personal Finance Blog presents Don’t Pan For Gold in Your Cat’s Litter Box, and says, “Interest rates in Canada continued to remain the same, with loose money everywhere!”

Investor Junkie from Investor Junkie presents What’s The Difference Between a RIA vs. Broker Dealer?, and says, “Before you make a decision about where to get your investing advice, it’s a good idea to understand your options, as well as where the advice is coming from. In many cases, you have a choice between a registered investment advisor (RIA) or a broker dealer.”

Young from Young and Thrifty presents Indexing Works – But Don’t Take My Word For It, and says, “The disadvantage for a personal finance blogger that loves index investing is that there is only so much to be said about it. I used to say that it simply isn’t a “sexy” strategy, but then again I consider having a million dollars in my bank account while investing minimal time and energy into a complicated investment strategy pretty sexy, so I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

D4L from Dividend Growth Stocks presents 8 Stocks With Strong Dividend Growth Metrics, and says, “When evaluating a company as a potential income investment I look at its calculated fair value, ability to generate cash, debt position and the net present value of its dividend stream compared to alternative “safe” investments. In earlier articles, we have looked at each of these in depth. Here are the four other key metrics that I look at when evaluating a dividend stock…”

Shaun from Money Cactus presents How Does Compound Interest Work?, and says, “Compound interest is magical, but many don’t understand it. If you learn how to harness the power of compound interest and make it work in your favour you can end up very wealthy indeed.”

Jason Steele from PT Money Personal Finance presents The 5 Best Obscure Credit Cards, and says, “These are no average, mainstream credit cards, but instead a list of the finest and most under-appreciated credit and charge cards out there.”

Pete from Intelligent Speculator presents The 7-Step Roadmap to Building Your Own Dividend Portfolio, and says, “How you can build up your portfolio right now.”


Vanessa from Vanessa’s Money presents How much does it cost to look fake?, and says, “Ever wonder how much women spend to look “good”? I did the math”

Edward Antrobus from Edward Antrobus presents Saving Money With Two For One Deals, and says, “Recently, I embarked on a quest. Instead of getting ideas from other personal finance bloggers, I wanted to get the opinions of average people on the topic of frugality. I started asking friends and coworkers one simple question: what is your favorite way of saving money? When I asked ER, his response was taking advantage of two for one deals.”

Kristen from My Dollar Plan presents 11 Ways to Save While Entertaining, and says, “As the holidays approach and you find yourself hosting guests, keep these tips in mind!”

Beating Broke from Beating Broke presents Stacking Discounts for the Big Win, and says, “I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to shopping for stuff. I like to get the best price (don’t we all?), so I often find myself shopping around a lot when it comes to buying anything that’s higher priced. And, so long as my patience holds out, I usually do end up getting a good price on whatever it is that I’m shopping for.”

Green Panda from Green Panda Treehouse presents Powerful Tips to Avoid Debt, and says, “What to do to crush debt before it’s too late.”


Glen Craig from Free From Broke presents Is a Part-Time Job in High School Really the Best Use of Your Teen’s Time?, and says, “Many encourage their teen to get a part-time job in high school. But it may not be the best use of their time and be as productive as you might think.

Sean from One Smart Dollar presents What is the Fiscal Cliff and Why Should I Care?, and says, “The “Fiscal Cliff” is approaching past and a lot of people might not know how this could affect them and their money. Here is a little background information to help.”

Thanks for reading this weeks carnival. What’s your favorite junk food?

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