Makeup Shopping Blunders: Don’t fall for these traps!

I just looked over my huge makeup collection and realized what brought it all on – impulse shopping! I am still using items from years ago.

I talked to some of my other friends and they’re telling me that they have a ton of makeup (one girlfriend of mine has a HUGE trolley case filled with the stuff, 80% of it unused, and/or bought only because it was a special edition…

I found that I shopped for the following reasons:

It came with a FREE gift!!

A new vinyl bag, or a lipstick with any $50 purchase..

Sound familiar? The problem is when you see the cute new bag, and you were really there just to buy the lip gloss for $15, you have to spend $35 more just to get the free vinyl bag that probably cost only $10 to begin with. So you’re out by $25, spending $25 more than you had planned to, and that you didn’t have to begin with.

I bought it all on credit card

Cash is king in this case because it would’ve made it MUCH harder for me to spend the cash if I had it in my hands.

But with beauty items, it made it so much easier to pay on credit, and then balk at the amount later on when I realized I didn’t have the cash for it, but couldn’t reallllly return it since it would take another trip back to Sephora.

I didn’t have a budget

Or at least I should’ve PLANNED for it. I never planned for buying $100 set of Sephora brushes years ago, I just bought them on impulse.

When I was really tired, cranky, had a bad day, and was in NEED of something

This is kind of a no brainer. I used to do this with clothes too. And shoes. And jewellery. Enough said.

Buy only what you need and the time you need it

I have a real bad habit of this. I buy things when I see a new colour or type, even though I have many at home!

Use it up! But I do admit, if there was a promotion for 20x the points if you spend $50 or more, I’d stock up on lotions, shampoos and other things like that if you need them.

Know your shopping habits

Are you easily swayed? I’m not really persuaded without any prompting, but my good friend is.

If I see an eyeshadow and think it’s a fab colour, she will too, and she’ll buy it. What I’ve found works, is to appreciate the eyeshadow, then to put it back and put it on your mental list to pick up later if you remember and if you really want it at the end of the day.

More often than not (like 95% of the time), she forgets about it and/or doesn’t want to go back THAT badly to buy it.

Stick to your guns and be clear about what you came to buy

If you came to buy shampoo, buy shampoo. Put blinders on, and ignore the sales on makeup, and other ‘useless’ things (for now) that you see. For example, buying conditioner would be considered useless if you already have a bottle that’s 3/4 full at home.

Any others I’ve forgotten?

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