Worry – The Biggest, Most Useless Time Suck on the Planet

A few weeks ago, the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Twittersphere was ablaze with enraged Americans who vowed to escape the tyrannical regime that’d force “socialized” medicine on a free people.

So where were the angry masses planning to flee?

Canada. Hahahaha . . . ha . . . HA!

Not that there’s anything wrong with Canada. It’s just that if the sole purpose of your northern trek is to avoid universal health care, you should probably rethink your decision.

At the time, I shrugged off the widespread threats to abandon America for Canada as lunacy. Please. We’ve got too much of a good thing going for us down here–or so I heard.

But a new study revealed that–for the first time ever–Canadians are richer than Americans. *Gasp!* Now that’s not funny.

Hope Despair

After getting smacked with the soul crushing news that my country might lose its slot as the wealthiest, most awesomest nation on the planet, I paused. For a brief second, I thought that maybe, perhaps some day, I wouldn’t be proud to call the U.S.A home.

Am I thinking of moving to Canada? Never! It’s too daggum cold up there.

As a matter of fact, I’m not going anywhere.

Personally, I’m not worried about physician shortages or high unemployment or sluggish economic growth. I mean, what’s the point?

When was the last time worry fixed a problem?

Recently, a friend and I discussed the dismal state of our economy.

Although my comrade’s income grew throughout the recession (and continues to grow), he seemed troubled by the number of jobless Americans.

I told him that I don’t believe the economy is as horrific as the media would have us believe. News publications know that hyperbolic headlines sell.

If you can evoke emotions of fear, rage, disgust, etc. from your audience, you can take their eyeballs and glue them to the television, computer screen, or anything you use to push that garbage you call news.

Maybe my reality is warped.

Last week, one of my best friends received an offer for a job that’d pay 19% more than her current position.

Another friend has worked not one, but two well paying, professional gigs for over five years.

At the beginning of 2012, my 60-year old mother closed her business and got a job.

And before I voluntarily quit my job at the end of 2011, for five years, my income grew at over 8% a year.

Before you attack me, lemme just say that I am fully aware my close circle of friends don’t represent the entire nation.

Hooowever, you can’t say there aren’t ANY jobs when there are people who work TWO jobs. Or that companies don’t pay a living wage when there are people who earn well above a living wage.

Although I admit a certain level of my success can be attributed to good ol’ fashioned luck, I still have to work and plan and plan and work. While you’re pining over the way things should’ve been, you can put together a detailed strategy to accomplish your goals.

But instead of updating your skills and grabbing the opportunities that are available, you’re hyponitzed by the Negative Nellies who profit from your angst.

Every month, we nervously wait for the jobs report so that we can weep over the number of jobs added by private sector employers. But consider this: since February 2011, 3 million American jobs have gone unfilled each month.

Even if more jobs were created, assuming they’re anything like the positions we have available, we won’t be able to fill those either. So, then what?

You should be optimistic about the future. Unlike what’s already happened, you can exercise at least some control over what’s going to happen.

As a self proclaimed info-nympho, I believe people should stay up-to-date with what’s happening around them. Just not so much they don’t realize what’s happening within them.

When I was a child, one of my favorite sayings was “Knowledge is power.” I still believe that. Unfortunately, sometimes misinformation masquerades as knowledge. It’s spun into such negativity you feel paralyzed and demoralized when you consume it.

If the “knowledge” you receive only conjures up feelings of worry and anxiety, ignore it. Going forward, guard your mind from poison that steals your hope.

Do the negative news reports worry you?

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Shawanda Greene is a free thinking, frugal gal whose only vices are boxed wine, lip balm and money grubbing. You can find more of Shawanda's musings at You Have More Than You Think – a productivity focused guide to maximizing the money you have to obtain more of what you want.