Shopping your closet: How to go from day to night in a single outfit

Ever wonder how someone at work can just do a small change and suddenly be ready for night?

Ways women go from day to night with a simple change:

  • Wear different accessories for night (trade in a simple necklace for something bolder)
  • Change your shoes (wear higher heels for the night)
  • Slap on some lipstick (a little bold red lip can work wonders)
  • Wear a statement belt over your outfit (a simple work sheath with a large obi belt = evening ready)
  • Let your hair down and shake it out!
  • Wear layers and remove them as night approaches
  • wearing a jacket or a sweater over your sexier dress to make it work appropriate, then remove it

Personally, I’d probably do any/all/some of the following:

  1. Let my hair down
  2. Wear a statement something (belt, necklace, ring) that is not necessarily work-appropriate 😉
  3. Change my shoes
  4. Remove my jacket/sweater
  5. Wear a dress tucked into pants, then just remove your pants 😉

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