Do You Have 11 Days To Control Your Finance?

I’m very excited today as I am launching an 11 days program to help you finally take over your personal finance and to start keeping the money you earn. You work very hard for your bucks; do you feel that you get what you deserve?


My Sister-in-law Did it!

I’ve been with my wife for more than 15 years now. I must say that my wife has the most amazing sister on earth; V. V is now like my own little sister since we have so much fun when we’re together and I feel like I have known her all my life. A few years ago, she finished college and had a lot of student loans weighing her down. She had an “okay” job but couldn’t get around all that debt and couldn’t even think of building a financial future. As any brother would do, I sat down with her and discussed her personal finances. It wasn’t easy, but she followed my advice. 5 years later; she has full control of her finances, her student loans are almost paid and she owns a house with her husband. After that experience, I didn’t stop there. I’ve started to help a lot of other people in my entourage and they each went through a financial metamorphosis.


These people are the inspiration behind this 11 days email series. Since I was able to help them get their finances on the right track, I thought of doing the same for you, dear readers :-). While this series is not to be considered professional financial advice (you need to meet with a financial advisor for that 😉 ), I’m convinced that you will be able to improve your finances in dramatic fashion.


This 11 day email series starts today!


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11 Steps

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