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Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve been somewhat nervous.


Not nervous like I’m about to apply for a big job.


Not nervous like I’m going to make a speech in front of 2,000 people.


More nervous like I’ve been at this café over the past 3 weeks and am still running into the same pretty girl.


I’d like to sit beside her and start talking to her but don’t know how to do it. I don’t want to look like an idiot so I simply stare at my screen and pretend I’m reading something interesting on my laptop. When she looks outside or takes a sip, I take this moment to sneaek a peek and rapidly go back to my laptop to make sure no one notices. The coffee sure tastes good, but I have a feeling that it would be much better if I would go and talk to her. I keep thinking about it and think it’s just unfair that I don’t take action.


This morning, this is what I am doing.


It’s been 3 weeks already and I still don’t have a plan to approach this girl. But what the heck! I’m just gonna stand up and walk towards her. I’ll figure out what to say when I get in front of her (or I’ll die of humiliation standing in the middle of the place with my mouth wide open!).


All right, I’m doing it:


The Financial Blogger Buys Fabulously Broke!


Yeah… I guess I’m not too good with “introducing myself smoothly”. But I would rather be direct than a hypocrite. So for the past 3 weeks, you have been the pretty girl and I have been looking at Fabulously Broke secretly. But I’m not the one who took the first steps.


About a month ago, FB approached me to know if I was interested in buying her site. She wanted to slow down on blogging and was looking for someone to take over her blogs. If you don’t know me, I own several financial blogs and run them as an online company (more on me later in this post!). I have known about this blog for a while and was reading it without commenting (I don’t comment much in general on other blogs!).


I appreciate the free spirit minded style and the independence coming out of FB’s articles. I appreciate it because I can identify myself in this blog (I like making more money so I can spend more 😉 ). I was definitely interested in buying such a cool website and thought that my view of personal finance would match 100%  with FB’s train of thought. This is why TFB bought FB about 3 weeks ago.


What does it change? Where’s FB?


I’ll reassure you right away, FB will remain for a while as an author on this site to smoothen the transition so you are not losing your favorite writer for at least a year (not bad, huh?). I don’t intend to switch this blog into a Nascar with tons of ads either. I want to keep the same train of thought and simply continue what FB has started over here. It’s an awesome website and I want you to know that it will continue to be awesome!


So I’ll be writing once a week, providing my hindsight views on following a defined career path and how to manage personal finance. I’ve also hired Shawanda from You Have More Than You Think as a staff writer. Shawanda is an amazing writer and also falls in line with FB’s standards ;-).


A Word From FB

This probably comes as a huge shock, but I would like to say that it was certainly not something I had planned for at all.


I didn’t wake up one day and decided I lost all my passion for blogging, and to be honest, my final decision surprised me as well.

It had dawned on me at the start of 2012 that it was now or never — either I take the blogs and run with it full-time as my real day job or I had to make a change and take back my life.

I had said many times before, that blogging will never, ever become a full-time job for me; I love and enjoy my real career too much, and it’s far more financially rewarding to boot.

So obviously, the choice was clear.

After I made my decision, I could either sell to someone or let it disappear into oblivion if I couldn’t find a good buyer because I was not willing to give up my ‘baby’ (so to speak) to just anyone!

So as you can imagine, I was extremely happy when The Financial Blogger showed up on the scene.

As a fan of his blog, I am more than confident he will take care of the blog, work hard, and love it as much as I have for the past 5 years.

I really think that his style of writing is very similar to mine (I am not saying this because he’s a Canadian, either). I feel a kinship, as we are very much alike in many ways, even in terms of our career paths, although I am more of a self-proclaimed saver than he is. 😉

(Actually I don’t even know how he manages to have a full-time career, THREE kids with the newest just a month or so old, and manage this blog business!! My hat goes off to him because I’d be exhausted.)

Also, I’m very excited to hear that Shawanda will be the new staff writer. I cannot think of anyone more qualified than Shawanda to take over the blog (yes, I know she was one of my recommendations, but even so!), and I am really excited continue reading her work, seeing as I am already a fan of her blog You Have More Than You Think.

It has been a wonderful 5 years of blogging, but I am happy, even relieved to be taking a smaller role in the personal finance blogging community now.

The pressure is finally off me.

It’s a bit like taking off a pair of stiletto heels after a long night of partying, and it feels sad that the wonderful party is over, but it had to end sometime so my life could go on.

Besides, there’s always something new to look forward to and change is always exciting.

You can still get in touch with me on Twitter @mochimac.

—  Mochi & Macarons (Formerly known as “FB”)


A Little Bit More About TFB


My name is Mike but I’m mostly known as TFB. I’ve been blogging since 2006. Over the years, my passion for writing became a real business as my partner and I started to buy blogs and make it a great network. Don’t worry, I won’t be talking about how I make money from my blogs and other online stuff (you need to follow TFB for that 😉 ).


I’m happily married and have 3 amazing kids (William (6), Amy (4) and Caleb (30 someodd days). I have followed a high speed career path where I became a financial planner working 4 days week (‘cause family matters!). I just love talking about finance and independence and since people are easily bored with financial topics, I make sure that I bring an interesting twist to each of my posts.



So that’s it! I’ve finally conquered my fear and came to talk to you! It wasn’t bad, wasn’t it?


Once again, I’m honored to be the new owner of this blog and I’ll make sure that FB will continue to be proud of her site!







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