Cost-Co Kirkland Makeup Wipes meant an 80% savings for me!

I wear makeup mostly only to work, big events, or when I go out, and I let my skin breathe without it on the weekends.

As a result, I need to remove it nightly.

I used to buy those little liquid bottles of makeup remover and then cotton pads  but I stopped doing that, only because of the airplane rules on liquids.

Taking up a hunk of my plastic case space just for some makeup remover sucks.

Makeup wipes on the other hand, are not considered liquids or gels, and are pre-moistened towelettes, so I switched to them out of convenience for travel.

What I’ve tried on my face:

I was considering buying Korres Pomegranate Cleansing & Make Up Removing Wipes next because I’ve loved the brand Korres so much, but I wasn’t sure.

I also think that it would smell nice, and they’re more natural than the other makeup wipes out there.

Then I got on Twitter and started listing out what I MIGHT buy next, and they both told me to forget it and go to Cost-co.

With advice from makeup junkies like Arianne and Marisol, you just can’t go wrong.

So I bought the 150 wipe pack on their advice.

Yeah I know. Parabens up the wazoo. But if it works, it works and that’s all I want.

I don’t want to rub and scrub at my face to remove my makeup, and ruin my face.

And this is what’s inside:

80%. Can you believe it? It was like getting 120 wipes FOR FREE, or 4 packs for free.


So far, I’ve used a pack and they work just as well (if not better) than the other brands I’ve tried. They are not as liquidy, but they do the same job and get the makeup off my face.

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