Your reward for working so hard is your income

Revanche said it best folks.

I wish I could find the post from when she got her job (years ago) and people were telling her to “spend” and “splurge” to treat herself for working so hard.

Her reply to all this egging on and enabling:

My reward for working so hard is I get paid for it.

Wise words!

Every time I get the “Gimme gimme I DESERVE TO SHOP for working so hard” bug, I remind myself that I work hard so that I get paid.

Then saving what I earn, is the responsible thing to do, to reward myself for having worked so hard.

Why else would I work, other than to pay myself first (read: save my reward)?

Of course, who’s to say I don’t ever splurge? 😉

I do, but only for what really matters, not just because I want to let out some retail therapy steam and buy something pretty.

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