Names that make you shudder


Simba was a pretty good name though.

Names with Bad Associations

Are there some names out there that make you go “UGH”?

I’m not talking about baby names, I am talking about if for example you worked with a co-worker named Victoria (sorry in advance to all Victorias’ out there), and she was just the biggest b*tch alive, so much that you associate her name with her personality.

And now whenever you meet a NEW Victoria, or think about giving a name to a baby, you just get this involuntary shudder like “NO!! Please no!!“.

I have a couple of names like that, with bad associations. I won’t say what they all are because I don’t want to offend anyone out there, but one of them is Danny.

The guy was just the most obnoxious self-righteous co-worker… it really soured me on the name. I don’t mind Daniel, but Danny.. forget it.

Baby Names that are just….strange

On that note, why are parents today giving their kids the most screwed up names EVER?

I know they’re trying to be unique, different, or spell the name differently to give it a twist.. but STOP IT!

It’s already a headache as it is to remember everyone, now I have to remember her name is spelled Lyndzey not Lindsay.

Or his name is Breyan not Brian.

Kids will be different personalities from each other, no matter what you name them, or how you spell their name.

I can tell you from experience that with a first name like mine, people get it mixed up all the time with my last name, usually transposing the two.

That is something that couldn’t be helped by my parents because a lot of people think my last name is really my first name, and I screwed up when I wrote in my own name in the checked boxes.

Or how about celebrity babies?

  • Christie Brinkley’s Sailor Lee (girl)
  • Nicolas Cage’s Kal-el (son)
  • Bob Geldof & Paula Yates’s Fifi Trixibelle (girl)
  • Michael Hutchence & Paula Yates’s Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily (girl)
  • Frank Zappa’s Diva Muffin (girl) or Moon Unit (girl)
  • Penn & Emily Jilette’s Moxie CrimeFighter (girl)

Like, seriously!?

I’ve also heard of kids named Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola. But that might have been a stunt.

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