What is ‘comfort food’?

What is comfort food to you?

For me, it’s foods I am familiar with from my childhood, or tasty things that make me feel all warm, fuzzy and satisfied when I eat them.

Tartiflette is a comfort food for me — sliced potatoes covered in Reblochon cheese and Fermier bacon? Bring it on.

This is from Pho Lien in Toronto

Ramen with a cracked egg in it used to be a comfort food for me, but now my body just rejects it by feeling sick or dizzy after eating it.

So now I eat Vietnamese pho (see photo above) as my comfort food.

Even a Polish hot dog is comfort food to me — smothered in sauerkraut, onions and a tiny bit of ketchup, I couldn’t think of something more delicious to eat (although very processed).

My newest comfort food is miso soup (preferably with bonito extract) with wakame seaweed. I absolutely love the light, tasty soup that warms my tummy as I eat it.

I also really like hummus, shawarma and fresh sashimi on rice with just a hint of soy sauce.

A lot of people I know cite Kraft Dinner with ketchup as THE ultimate comfort food, (read: Kraft Dinner — Comfort Food or Crap?), but after trying what they considered to be their comfort food, I wasn’t convinced.

To me, it was too orange, sticky, chewy, fake and too sweet with the addition of ketchup, but then again — that wasn’t what I ate as a kid! Everyone has different tastebuds and their favourite foods change as they get older, just as mine have.

So what is comfort food to you?

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