Nice guys (and girls) make less money

If you’re nice, are you getting screwed, financially?


…men who measured below average on agreeableness earned about 18% more—or $9,772 more annually in their sample—than nicer guys.

Ruder women, meanwhile, earned about 5% or $1,828 more than their agreeable counterparts.

— Human Resource Studies at Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations

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I should note that ‘ruder’ or ‘meaner’ women can mean many things.

People I negotiate with probably think that I’m ‘rude’ and ‘mean’, but it’s all perception, because it’s business and it’s MY money I’m negotiating for (remember? one of my rules is that no one has more interest in your money than yourself).

I remember with my first job, they wanted to offer me $50k, which is a very decent salary… but I asked for more, and I got an extra $15k.

Imagine if I had just accepted it without even trying to get more money? I would be at a $15k loss each year.

In fact, each of my co-workers who had accepted at $50k, would have never reached my starting salary in less than 7 years, with the way salary raises were going ($2k max a year). In contrast, I was making the extra $15k and earning an additional $2k in salary raises per year.

I see it as being ahead of the game right off the bat.

So if it means that I am called ‘rude’, ‘bitchy’ or ‘mean’ behind my back but I get the money I deserve, then I am all for it. 😉

For the record, I still think I’m a nice, friendly, laid back sort of person (just not when it comes to companies (and their managers/whoever) trying to lowball me by using dirty tactics by using my age as a negative, or calling me ‘mean’ or whatever suits them to get me to work for less money).


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