FB Spring Cleaning Closet Sale

New year, new clothes.. right? 🙂

Okay no really, I need to make more space for my wardrobe (this closet purging is getting harder and harder, I tell ya) because I don’t want my suitcases to look like they’re bulging. I want to leave about 25% of empty space so that it looks well packed, but not stuffed to its gills.

Enter my THIRD closet clean out.


  • I’d like to get everything sold ASAP
  • E-Mail me here for what you want to buy: Contact Me or if you have any questions!
  • First come, first serve, and if you don’t contact me or pay within 2 weeks, I will sell it to the second person who emailed me
  • I only accept PAYPAL payments
  • I can calculate your exact shipping costs using Canada Post online
  • I will package everything as cheap as possible unless I need to buy a box to ship multiple items in
  • I won’t charge any fake shipping or handling fees above and beyond the actual cost of the box & shipping


SOLD Liamolly Knitted ‘Kingfisher’ Jacket — $50 — Size Small

This is brand new, never worn.

Would fit a Size US 4 or a small Size US 6.

I actually received it as a gift (and I already asked permission to re-sell it and made her swear never to buy me clothes again), but since I can’t in good faith put it at its full price, I am putting it at $50.

Liamolly is a brand that I know well, because they sell their line through Anthropologie, a store I love…some of the time.

The company is independent, and they’re trying to move their operations to the U.S. rather than relying on China. You can check out their whole story here.

The sweater blurb:

A group of small to medium sized brightly coloured birds in the order Coraciiformes. They have a cosmopolitan distribution, with most species being found in the Old World and Australia.

Fitted Tailored Jacket with Golden Feather Jacquard tubular trim and covered buttons

  • 86% Wool
  • 9% Rayon
  • 5% Cotton

SOLD Bionic Tweed Suiting Wrap Dress — U.S. 6 or U.S. 4 — $50

Another Bionic wrap dress on the selling block!

It looks like this dress with the collar and the sleeves, but in the tweed suit fabric shown in the actual photos below.

Oh and no pockets. I don’t think there are pockets in this dress either, they just made it look like there are.

Here’s the actual grey tweed fabric you will receive. It isn’t too shiny at all, it has a slight sheen to it.

It has kind of military-like shoulders to it.

It will fit a U.S. Size 4 or a U.S. Size 6, and it would look better on someone with more of an hourglass, retro, shape. You need a bigger bust for this dress. I rarely wore it. Maybe.. once or twice.

I originally bought it because I —love—- the tweed suit fabric on there (I still do), but the bust area is just too big for me now.

As much as I love wearing it because the skirt flares out and gives a nice 50s feel with a beautiful suit-like tailored collar and sleeves, I lost weight and now I have to pull it too tight around my body.

I took it in to a tailor and they wanted to charge me $80 to have it cut to refit to my body. I am not feelin’ the pricetag (it’s the cost of another new dress or two!) so I’m selling it instead to someone with actual curves.



Never. Worn. ARG! Size 6. Fits a Size 4 (still fits me well).

I just don’t reach for the all-black wrap dress, but I kept it all this time thinking: Hey.. who doesn’t reach for an all black wrap dress? I can totally wear this.

Didn’t happen, so I’m letting it go.

I already have a black sheath that I wear to more formal functions and 30 other dresses in various styles (including wrap dresses) that I can wear in its stead.

It has a light collar on it (not stiff), in a 3/4 length sleeve. It’s a true wrap dress.


I bought this before I knew I was an inverted triangle type (I can’t wear halters, they make my shoulders look huge compared to my bottom half).

It fits a U.S. Size 4 or a 6. It’s actually pretty forgiving overall because you can sit down in it comfortably and eat well without worrying about it being too tight and hurting your belly.

I still think it looks fine on me, but as a girl with 30+ dresses, I can afford to let this one go because I haven’t touched it in about 3 years.

It also has a wrap around the waist, and lovely embroidery in the front which is what drew me to it.


100% silk, the lining is acetate in a size U.S. 6.

Again, same sob story. It is too big for me and it has no belt loops.

I tried it on the other day, as I was hemming and hawing about whether or not I wanted to really sell it (it’s so pretty), but when it slipped off my hips, I knew it had to go.

It has a slight tulip flare at the bottom, but the hip area is also flared out slightly. The silk hugs your hips without encasing it like a sausage if it fits you well.


$80 for both, I have 2 shirts 1 in Purple and 1 in Teal

NOTE: I snipped the tags out! They annoyed the heck out of my neck the first time I wore them, so I got rid of them.

If this bothers you.. well, don’t buy them 🙂 You’ve been warned.

This exact colour of purple and another in teal:

I have two of these shirts to sell in the exact same type.

One teal, one purple. Original price was $58 each.

I bought them to wear while doing yoga, but frankly.. I never reach for them. I always end up doing yoga in my pajamas, which are my leggings and a tank top.

I wore them once each, but even for going out, I am not a sweatpants and sweatshirt kind of girl, and while I thought I wanted to keep a set of workout clothes, I never go to the gym so it’s all a wash.

I think they’d be better off with someone else who’d actually use them.

They are both U.S. size 8s.

Lululemon blurb:

why we made this

Our Swiftly Short Sleeve (SS) Tech is a direct result of design feedback that we’ve received during multiple sweat sessions with our ambassadors. What we heard: versatility rules, make a tee that is lightweight and breathable but durable, and take chafing seriously. Done.
key features

  • moisture wicking construction pulls sweat away from the body
  • doubles as a lightweight, knitted base layer in cool weather runs
  • tee’s core construction is seamless
  • where there are seams, they are flat and engineered to reduce chafing

tech specs

  • designed for: run
  • fabric(s): seamless Silverescent®
  • properties: anti-stink, body-mapped, chafe resistant, breathable, moisture wicking, quick drying
  • fit: body-skimming
  • length: mid-hip


I paid about $150 for this jacket. It’s handmade by Paul Ho in Toronto, and it’s SWIMMING on me now.

You need to be a U.S. Size 6 or a Medium to wear this because as a Size 4, it’s pretty large.

I love the lapels, the belt buckle at the side is just darling and the whole thing looks sleek without being too formal or business-y.

The fabric is smooth without being shiny (more matte), and it is soft but structured with slight shoulder pads.

The sleeves are also great. Slit on the edges instead of buttons and it has a slight bell curve which looks incredible.

When I was a U.S. 6, I wore it with skits, over pants and dresses to work. Looked great, gave a polish of a suit without it being a suit.


It fits me as a U.S. 6, albeit loosely (trapeze-shape for the bottom), but it says a U.S. Size 8 because my shoulders are larger than a U.S. 6 in certain cuts, including this top.

Now, it’s just too big on me, that I’m a Size 4.

It’s swimming on me and if I don’t sell it, I am happy to keep it and wear it belted forever.. but someone should else should enjoy it if they can.

It is a soft material, and has a bit of a pleat at the top (see the first picture). It’s bold but still neutral and would look great over anything.


Denim is like the hottest thing right now.

Too bad this is a U.S. 6 because it’s too large for me to be super trendy with it on.

The denim is soft, the blue is a medium, and it’s a great casual blazer to wear over anything and everything.

The pockets are real, too 🙂 The sides are nipped in a bit for a waist so it doesn’t look so bulky and square either.


A whole suit for $60.

You can buy the jacket or the pants separately for $30 each, but I’d like to sell them together as the fabric and colour match perfectly.


UNWORN!!!!!!!! I’m so mad. I bought it as part of my ‘suit set’ (black, dark grey, another grey and this white), and I just never reached for it.

Now it’s too big for me and the time is lost.

It’s a U.S. Size 6 set (the jacket says Size 5 but the pants say Size 7, but I wore them together when I was a U.S. 6), and it is in pristine condition, as it has never BEEN WORN.

The material is slightly stiff (better for a suit), and smooth. It’s not so stiff you’ll feel uncomfortable. You’ll feel more professional in it than anything.

I like the idea of wearing the items are separates because you can wear that blazer over some dark jeans and some heels for a night out, or the white pants with a black top with long earrings…

Lots of possibilities.


I have a lot of polka dotted stuff, this is the last one to go. Fits a Size 6 or a 4.

It has ruching in the front (great for hiding bellies), and I should warn you that the back is a bit sexier, being a bit sheerer. The front is not sheer at all however.

Very comfortable to wear, great as a tank top, I got lots of compliments on it.


Bought this for $50 I think. I used it for my iPad, but ultimately, I don’t need a case. I just throw it in my purse.

I think you can use it for the iPad 1 or 2.

I have the iPad 2 for your reference — it has the little hole in the back for the back camera for the iPad 2.

I bought it because of the colour, the fact that the strap goes around the front instead of a snap case, and you have options of different angles for the iPad itself for viewing.

It also has a sleeve in it as well.


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