Am I the only one who does this?

When I had a job with a set paycheque every 2 weeks, I’d spend HOURS imagining what I would do with that money.

I make up spreadsheets upon spreadsheets of dreams, and play with the numbers and cells for many hours.

And I still find this a lot of FUN.

Most of it was dreams of how fast I could use the money to clear my debt, but it got to the point where the MINUTE the money deposited into my account, I’d have paid all my bills and allocated the cash in 3 minutes, tops.

There was no agonizing, or wondering what I should pay or do.

I had already spent hours (of fun not torture) doing that before.

I just like playing with numbers I guess.

It feels slightly obsessive, but if this is my idea of fun and I am actually enjoying it.. I’m going for it!

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