What Americans are Buying Now

Ever wonder where everyone else spends their money?

Well I do 🙂 I mean, c’mon now! I like reading about where people spend, why, and so on.

What’s even more interesting is how it’s evolved over the years.

Chart terms:

  • nominal value refers to a value expressed in money terms (that is, in units of a currency) in a given year or series of years.
  • real value adjusts nominal value to remove effects of price changes over time

I like to put more weight on ‘real value’ rather than ‘nominal value’.

Via The Economist


  • Processed vegetables have really risen, but Food has dropped
  • People are repairing their cars rather than buying new ones
  • People are not buying household furnishings and equipments — buying less in general?
  • Housing is also down, maybe they’re downsizing to smaller homes
  • Alcohol and Food Away From Home has significantly been cut down
  • Tobacco has been cut WAY down (better for health anyway)
  • Household, utilities and fuels are really up — no surprise here, gas has been on a hot streak
  • …which makes sense because Gas and motor oil are down

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