November 2011 Budget Roundup + $3921.00


“Today, of Americans officially designated as ‘poor,’ 99 percent have electricity, running water, flush toilets, and a refrigerator; 95 percent have a television, 88 percent a telephone, 71 percent a car and 70 percent air conditioning.

Cornelius Vanderbilt had none of these.”

–Matt Ridley




LOVE THESE! I wish I knew who the artist was..

Here are my two favourites:

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This is why I don’t mind paying taxes at all. I know what it should pay for, although when I hit a pothole in the road, I’m wondering where the money really goes. 😛

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Okay, for the record, I do not believe these but I do find them cute.

The dive bars & serial killers section makes me think of a conversation I had with Fabulously Fru-girl (whom I adore), who out of total concern told me to avoid small towns in the U.S. because on CSI and crime TV shows, that’s where everyone ends up dying. 🙂


I now have this saved on my iPod Touch for reference. Once I do it a few times I’m sure I’ll be all right without the diagram 🙂

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  • No blog or blog-related income included because I end up donating it, so why bother recording it?
  • It’s getting easier to type my income, but I’m getting bored.
  • Time to get some work on!

EXPENSES: $2195.97

It says $2384.49 because the Wardrobe category is inaccurate: I will be returning about $200 worth of wardrobe stuff.

See below.


Okay so it looks like I went nuts in the Wardrobe department this month but it was mostly buying nude underwear and slips.

I really don’t think I need quite so many, so I need to do a little fashion show with my current outfits to see what I’d like to keep and what I am going to return.

I am thinking of returning 3 items, which will bring the total down to something a bit more palatable, like in the $175 range rather than the $375 number sitting up there in my spreadsheet!

Keeping this one for sure: Hanro nude tank top — I ended up liking that it was a full nude tank that I wouldn’t need a bra with, and it’s a darker nude which is better for my skintone. It also has a plunging neckline which means it doesn’t interfere with my shirts that are a bit lower-cut.

Both of these are going back

DKNY Fusion Shaping Cami or the Spanx nude Thinstincts tank top

The DKNY was VERY comfortable without being too tight, and the Spanx one really covered the straps with its wide band.

I liked both of them but they were too high of a neckline for my tops in the end., and I have to wear another bra under either of these and the Hanro one (above) eliminates that extra layer.

Plus, these colours are too light for my skintone.

‘Nude’, my butt. 😛

The nude Commando Cami slip —  I am keeping the black one because it looks better even if it peeks out under a dress. Black matches better with all the colours than this too-pale nude.

I like that it won’t sag or droop underneath my dress, which will defeat the purpose of a slip.

I’d need to try the Dark Nude one, or something in between the two, but really, I don’t really own white or sheer dresses. I always buy things that are lined…

Also, I made a jewellery purchase that I really like, this Ornamental Things Gothic London Necklace, made in Austin Texas!

It hangs to my navel and is very, very cool.

And I really like the Sephora Moonshadow Baked Nude palette that Rae of theNotice recommended (you can see her swatches there)!

All the colours work very well to complement and fill in the gaps in my Urban Decay Naked palette.

NET WORTH: $157,089.11 or + $3921.00 or + 2.5%

  • Cash: $400.78
  • Savings: $2285.41
  • Retirement: $39,609.30
  • Emergency Fund: $114,793.62


  • Wow! No drop this month… probably also due to the fact that I’m trying hard to clamp down on my spending
  • Thank goodness the US dollar went up a bit because some of my investments are in USD 😛
  • ….and retirement in general is picking up for me. Finally.
  • This will be good motivation for me to continue my “spend less.. SPEND LESS” push, after a year of spending a lot



I have never paid more than $100 for a pair of heels.

I still own them, wear them everyday when I work and they’re very comfortable.

They’re comfortable also because they are 2″ high, because anything higher than 3″ in these brands, tends to be pretty painful to wear, so I never even bothered.

….. but after going into a store and trying on Manolo Blahniks and Louboutins, I am starting to see why women shell out $700 – $1000 for a pair of 3″ or 4″ heels.

So if you do NOT want to start lusting after very expensive heels, do NOT try on these shoes. EVER.

They are seriously comfortable.

These designer shoes are like the Birkenstock sandals of heels, they are comfy because:

  • They have a heel cup. A HEEL CUP!
  • They have slight arch support — OMG. Huge for me!
  • Structure of the stiletto heel right in the middle of your heel is divine — really gives a center of balance
  • 4″ actually felt doable to me. TO ME! The girl who has never worn anything above 2″ comfortably
  • My ankle doesn’t wobble in them like in other cheap 3″ heels

It will be so worth it to wear them to a wedding or event and not have to sit down every 2 minutes because my toes are going numb.

I’ll have to pay full price for these shoes, but the ones that go on sale are usually sandals or items that aren’t ‘classic’.

I’m thinking of buying ONE of these pairs once I get a job. Maybe. I haven’t decided yet because it’s just a lot of freakin’ lettuce to be shelling out for a pair of SHOES.

May not end up buying a pair at all. I’ll just stare at them and drool.

I am leaning favourably to the second row, middle pair of tan heels. Practical, will be used often (work!) and will have the most cost-per-use for the high pricetag.


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