Miss Representation: The way media portrays women

Check out this trailer — the film is called “Miss Representation”, and looks to be very promising.

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It is true that women in media and in general are being judged harder for not taking care of themselves, looking haggard, etc… but men are not under the same level of scrutiny.

No one has ever really said: Wow that Bill over there has really been getting fat and letting himself go lately. What a hot mess! How will he ever hang on to his wife looking like that?

Guys have to go to some major extremes to elicit such comments, whereas if a woman just forgets to touch up on her hair dye, suddenly she’s an ‘aging hag’ who will lose her husband to a hotter, younger woman.

I love this old ad!

Let me state that I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look pretty (heck, everyone wants to look attractive, even men!).

I myself don’t dress up, wear skirts and put on makeup only to look pretty — I actually find it fun and enjoyable to spend time looking nice.

(Men take care of themselves too so that they look great because they are JUST AS VAIN AS WOMEN, it’s only that they just are under less pressure and scrutiny to do so.

See: Jersey Shore, Adolescent Boys and their Axe deodorant and hair gel and metrosexuals)

The real difference is my goal is never to look overtly sexy, like some extra off an MTV video, which is why you’ll never catch me in a bikini top and a miniskirt, strolling down the street in some UGGs in the middle of summer.

The least amount of clothing you’ll ever catch me wearing on any given day, is a full tank top and a skirt above the knees.

These outfits above? You’ll never catch me dead in these outfits where they’ve forgotten their bottoms.


When people hear the term “feminist”, they think of these hippy, granola-crunching women who want other women to stop wearing makeup, stop shaving their legs and wearing dowdy clothing so that people are forced to look at their personality and brains instead of their looks. These stereotypical feminists are supposed to guilt trip other women who enjoy wearing a little lipstick and dressing up in skirts.

I don’t think this is the answer at all, because I consider myself a feminist.

Feminists are women who want other women to succeed to the best of their abilities and to be their own selves. Period.

I want other women to earn more money (or at least, as much money as men in the same positions), negotiate for their money, succeed in life, be financially independent, and to understand how important it all is.

The answer is to be a person who sets an example and tells young girls and women in your life how important it is to be intelligent, hardworking and have a great personality above spending all of their time trying to look ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’; that it is not wrong to want to look pretty, but they should be smart as well.

It is important for women of all ages to be role models and to show girls that they can be smart AND still enjoy being fashionable, not that they have to choose one or the other.

This makes me think that it is even more important for women to be financially independent so that money will never be the driving factor in trying to focus only on looks.

A woman should never have to be dependent on anyone else. They should CHOOSE to be interdependent in a true and equal partnership.

I feel like men (in general) understand this much better than women, and are well-groomed to fight for more money, rise in their careers and prove themselves in other ways to get women.

Once guys have money, they know they can be the most unattractive, undesirable man on the block, but they’ll get unlimited women, one hotter than the other only after them for their money.

In contrast, women have a stereotype of choosing their looks and their body to get to that money indirectly, and are not typically encouraged to succeed in their own careers to obtain the same amount of $$$$$.

In conclusion, the change starts with us, and I can’t wait for this film to come out so I can hear what other women have to say about this.

And I’m interested in your opinions too, both women AND men 🙂

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