Where I shop in Toronto: An Overview

A few of you have asked where I shop in Toronto so I figured I’d do a guide that is relevant as of today’s date; therefore if you read it 5-10 years later and the shop has changed, then please don’t blame me 🙂


Courage my love: 14 Kensington Aveue @ Spadina Station (South of it at Dundas Street)

  • Lovely pieces here from all over the world including kimonos and obis from Japan
  • Lots of cashmere sweaters for around $30… $30!!!!
  • Pashminas also available, and for a decent price, around $10 each
  • The usual kind of thrifted jewellery — wooden, metal, tribal, etc
  • No high-end labels, mostly interesting ones that are a whole range
  • More vintage stuff

The Rage (Consignment): 2 Kensington Avenue @ Spadina Station (South of it at Dundas Street)

  • A mix of vintage and high-end pieces
  • Fairly cheaply priced considering some items are really wonderful designer pieces
  • Great selection of retro handbags that are beaded or embroidered

LAB Consignment:15 Ossington Avenue @ Ossington Station (South of it at Queen Street)

  • NOT a “thrift” store, but it is secondhand
  • High-end labels that are carefully picked by the owner
  • Lovely bags, shoes, and interesting vintage and designer pieces
  • Prices are a bit on the high side, not $30 for a designer skirt, but maybe $130


Cat’s Cradle: 596 Yonge Street @ Wellesley Station

  • Bionic wrap dresses are heavenly
  • Other great independent designers here
  • Love their accessories as well
  • Convenient location downtown 🙂

Propaganda: 686 Yonge Street @ Wellesley Station

  • The owner is always mixing it up, which makes the store fun
  • Etsy-like jewellery which means = BEAUTIFUL!
  • Known to me, mostly for their wonderful accessories <– my go to place
  • They have odd things too like books, interesting gifts for guys & girls

Labour of Love: 242 Carlton Street @ College Station (East)

  • Also owned by Propaganda, a sister store apparently
  • More jewellery here if you are interested but they also have housewares and fabrics

Phi & Me: 2616 Yonge Street @ Eglinton Station (Northbound on Yonge)

  • What I really want you to go here for are their amazing leather belts
  • They are structured obi belts, and more of a natural wrap style, around $89 – $99 each
  • Clothes are very minimalist and clean in neutrals like black, white and tan
  • Moderately priced at $50 – $100 each

Girl Friday: 740 Queen Street West @ Bathurst Station (Southbound at Queen)

  • Lovely pieces but are pricey in my opinion, although quite interesting
  • Made a lovely purple wrap dress a while back which I wear obsessively 🙂

Chockys: 2584 Yonge Street @ Eglinton Station (Northbound on Yonge)

  • Go here for high-end-retail-like t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, bandeaus, leggings and tanks
  • The quality is quite high, they buy from actual retail suppliers of American Apparel and Aritizia for example
  • It’s super cheap; I paid $7 for a top that I would have seen on sale for $30 or more if it had a different label on it


Cassis: 100 King Street West @ King Station

  • Actually found them in Montreal originally
  • Awesome casual, business casual and business formal clothing
  • Decent quality that feels solid and wearable
  • Reasonably priced around $30 – $150 for nicer, classic items

Forever 21: Many store locations 2 @ Eaton’s Center

  • AWESOME for fast trends that are cheap but I don’t go there for them
  • I mostly go for the accessories (cheap and cute)
  • Rarely buy any clothing here, I find it wears out too quickly

Dynamite: Many store locations 1 @ Eaton’s Center

  • Love them for faux leather jackets ($60 in store right now)
  • Wonderful business casual pants
  • They have decent tops as well, but the quality is hit and miss
  • Accessories are limited, so I’d go elsewhere

Smart Set: Many store locations 1 @ Eaton’s Center

  •  I like them for simple sundresses, pants and tops
  • Accessories are limited but they have a decent selection although quality is suspect sometimes
  • Decent quality in their items, depending on what you buy
  • Awesome basics like t-shirts with a twist

H&M: Many store locations 1 @ Eaton’s Center

  • I like them for everything, including accessories but quality is hit and miss
  • Hit and miss; have to go seasonally to check out the array
  • Their H&M Denim brand feels a lot like high-end premium denim like 7 for all mankind
  • I go mostly for the simple sundresses ($15) and trendier pieces I don’t want to spend $$ on
  • Their coats are nice as well

Suzy Shier: Many store locations 1 @ Eaton’s Center

  • A great place to go for cheaper suits (the other mid-range one is Jacob, then Banana Republic)
  • Their pants aren’t so bad either, neither are their tops
  • Accessories are better looking than in other stores like Dynamite or Smart Set

Zara: Many store locations 1 @ Eaton’s Center

  • I love their basic tops here; found a great striped one
  • Haven’t purchased anything else from them, but it looks high-street chic
  • Decently priced depending on what you are lookin for

American Apparel: Many store locations 1 near Eaton’s Center

  • Loathe their marketing
  • I only go here for basic t-shirts and tank tops because they haven’t pilled, faded or stretched

Jacob: Many store locations 1 @ Eaton’s Center

  • Love their classic wool coats and their suits!
  • They have a decent business casual and business formal selection
  • Their clothing is classic but with a slight twist
  • I like their classic accessories — the quality is quite high but you pay more
  • Nice basics in mostly neutral colours: black, ivory, white, taupe, tan, etc

Banana Republic: Many store locations 1 @ Eaton’s Center

  • Their pants fit me perfectly here and are well made (I like the Martin fit)
  • The pants are mid-to-high rise which means no butt cleavage 🙂
  • I’d avoid them for tops or anything else, it’s too pricey for the quality
  • Their accessories are higher end but I haven’t found anything worth its price to buy

Club Monaco: Many locations 1 @ Eaton’s Center

  • I haven’t purchased ANYTHING from them as they are pricey
  • However I’d buy their cashmere wraps here; decently priced for the quality but colours are limited
  • Their accessories are the perfect mix of classic, bold and modern however

Le Chateau: Many locations 1 @ Eaton’s Center

  • I only go here for pashminas at around $15 each
  • The rest of their stuff is kind of pricey for the style & quality
  • A few gems here and there, although you can find good basics here too

Lululemon: 1 @ Eaton’s Center

  • I only bought jackets (scuba hoodie, running jacket & wrap) and bags from them
  • I haven’t found anything else to purchase other than one of each of the basics
  • Other than that, I find their yoga pants too tight for the most part although they don’t stretch out but I wear $10 leggings instead of their $100 pants

Anthropologie: 78 Yorkville Avenue

  • Quite pricey, which is why I avoid it until I know there might be a sale on something I want (I stalk the sale section)
  • They have quirky pieces that are still classic, which is why I like them and they are unusual!
  • Fit is frustrating because they use independent designers and I range from a size 2 to a size 8 here
  • Note that a lot of pieces will look cheap/vintage/flea market-ish, but be priced like J. Crew 😛

J. Crew: Located at Yorkdale Mall

  • Lovely for basics like cashmere sweaters and ballet flats
  • …but is too pricey to purchase from unless it’s on sale 🙂
  • Love their coats and dresses however

Rudsak: 315 Queen Street West @ Osgoode Station (West)

  • I only go here for their leather bags
  • …although cheaper than M0851, the leather is of slightly lower quality as well
  • Quite pricey but their stuff is minimalist and simple
  • Their clothes are too pricey for the quality

M0851: 38 Avenue Road (Opening Soon)

  • Found them in Montreal
  • Rather enjoy their bags and styling of them
  • Very minimalist and clean, and the leather is HEAVENLY
  • Very pricey, in the $200 – $400 range


Get Outside: 437 Queen Street West @ Spadina Station (Southbound at Queen)

  • I go here for Birkenstocks and Frye Boots (amazing!)

Camper Shoes: Many store locations 1 on Queen Street at C Squared 365 Queen Street West

  • Quite cute and comfortable sandals and shoes
  • Pretty pricey as it’s a European brand
  • Well-made

Nine West: Many store locations 1 @ Eaton’s Center

  • Love them for work pumps and classic shoes

Steve Madden: Many store locations 1 @ Eaton’s Center

  • They’re sold in chain stores like B|2 and so on, but I like the brand very much
  • Great pumps that are comfortable and slightly trendy

Ecco: Many store locations 1 @ Eaton’s Center

  • Bought my favourite pair of flat brown boots here
  • Also bought my winter boots here
  • Hit and miss on styles, some times I love other times, I HATE!


Other than the stores listed here, I kind of just wander around places like the following:

  • Westbound of Yonge Street on Queen street (my fave!!)
  • Northbound and Southbound of Yonge (the whole stretch)
  • Little Italy usually has some nice bags like Mat & Nat
  • Westbound of Spadina Station on Spadina Street
  • Pape Station’s area
  • Westbound of Bathurst on Dundas Street
  • Kensington Market for vintage/thrift stuff

You can find gems almost anywhere if you pay attention although I sometimes just Google or Yelp locations that others find interesting or cool.

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