October 2011 Budget Roundup = -$(3361.53)

Google Reader Changes

WHY OH WHY did Google change Google Reader to not allow me to share items any more? Now I have to use this Google+ thing?

I hated Facebook and this Google+ thing sounds a lot like Facebook, just with a sexier twist.


Sushi Resturant Rant

I hate it when sushi restaurants make up names for special house rolls like the “Chin Chin Roll” but conveniently forget to tell you on the menu what exactly is in them!!!

P.S. I am never eating at All-You-Can-Eat Sushi again.

I’ve had stomach problems after the two times (in two different places), and you can fool me once or twice, but not a third time. I’m sticking to legit places now, because my stomach is clearly a sushi snob.

(Aren’t these incredibly cute Post-Its?)

Girls with Natural Makeup?

I find it funny when guys think that they like super natural looking girls, who don’t wear ANY makeup at all, when in fact those girls probably spend at least half an hour each morning looking like they don’t wear anything on their faces.

Having perfectly even skin tone, no undereye bags, super small pores that NEVER get oily and naturally flush cheeks is rare.

So rare, that I only know maybe 3 girls in my life who have skin like that, and I tell them how lucky they are each time I see them.

If you are one of those girls, you are lucky and I envy your amazing skin!

So guys, don’t tell me that you won’t date girls who wear makeup, tell me you won’t date girls who wear so much makeup that it’s obvious they have caked it on in an effort to Photoshop their skin, and it looks horrible.

How to horrify Parisiens

Tell them you ate macarons at McDonald’s (‘Mcdo’) and you liked them.

That will give you a guaranteed gasp, and/or a wide-eyed, disbelieving stare with an “Oh la la, non!!” thrown in for good measure.


  • No blog, etc. income because I donate it so I don’t bother counting it
  • No contracts, no job, no work

EXPENSES: $5754.67

NET WORTH: $153,168.11 — Decrease of $(3361.53) or a drop of 2.2% from last month


  • Emergency Fund: $112,793.92
  • Cash: $1069.24
  • Retirement: $38,600.77
  • Savings: $704.48


  • None

Not such a huge drop. PHEW!

  • My investments have gone up in the month I was away
  • I am really trying to economize before I head to the US and limit spending until I get a job
  • I still feel like I’m in the good zone of net worth for my age (late 20s), seeing as I started my career $60,000 in debt about 5 years ago


What’s coming up

  • Packing like a mofo!!
  • Scanning papers like a hobo.. (okay I had to rhyme some how)
  • Getting excited. 🙂

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