Is blogging a waste of time and money?

This blog post is blatantly inspired by Jacq of Single Mom Rich Mom who writes so eloquently:

Without a goal, a blog is a huge time suck.  And blogging is not a goal – or a means to a goal for 99.9% of people.

I worry for people who do spend a huge amount of time on their blogs but it’s not moving them further towards their goals, particularly financial goals.  

I know that if I was working full-time there’s no way I’d spend more than 15 minutes a day on blogging related stuff.  Maybe I only have that perspective because I have no advertising, don’t even know how many readers I have, and basically just do this for fun.  I would probably be a better writer and blogger if I did have goals, but it’s kind of nice to not have them for hobbies, isn’t it?

Is a blog a good investment of time for most bloggers? Do other bloggers have a desire to become the next Get Rich Slowly or The Simple Dollar?


Everyone talks about blogging as a great way to make side money, which I have repeated over and over again is NOT REALISTIC.

You cannot make money blogging if you aren’t serious about it as a real side venture, and it is not any easier or less time-consuming than just getting a part-time job. Frankly, it probably doesn’t even pay as much.

It has taken me 5 years to get to this point, and I could have made more in one year slinging coffee part-time at Starbucks than what I’ve made so far from my two blogs.

However making money with this blog is not my goal, has never been my goal and will never be my goal.

Honestly, I make more money with my day job, and I find my day job both interesting and challenging.

It is not even close to what I consider to be true passive income because this is such a huge time suck.


What it is to me is a fun, free hobby. I like rambling, and I don’t consider myself a particularly polished or good writer, but I do enjoy writing to some extent.

Originally, I started getting into blogging as a way to chronicle my journey out of debt, and now that I’m debt-free, the blog has been less money-centered and more life-centered with a hint of money talk.

I have no stress whatsoever with my blogs ( is my other one), because my posts are scheduled 1 – 2 years in advance, blogging 3 times a week on each blog, which is 6 posts a week in theory, for a year or so.

Total posts written? 312 so far between my two blogs (by a rough estimate, I think it’s more 400), and I have hundreds of ideas in my iPod touch I have to get around cleaning out by turning them into posts.

When I blog on impulse, it is to respond to bloggers or readers and write posts that are of the moment, like this post.

If I have no ideas for 3 months, or I am too busy/lazy (?) to write, I don’t force myself to write or feel guilty.

The day that these blogs stop becoming fun or free, is the day I will quit. 🙂 I don’t want to put unnecessary stress on myself. It’s not worth it.

I will let the blogs run out of their posts and then say a heartfelt goodbye. It’s what I did with my now defunct style blog Style on a String.

That third blog I started, was too time consuming with all the photos I had to take, the planning, the searching, and so on. It was far more time intensive than these two blogs combined, and it stopped being FUN.

Let’s see what happens when I have kids. 🙂 I wouldn’t choose to blog instead of spending time with my future children.

What about you, dear bloggers? What are your goals for your blog?

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