FB’s Holiday Gift Guide 2011: For the ladies and the men

I am not sure I’m going to be up for the task of creating two separate gift guides. This is more geared towards women, but there are some good things for guys who like to cook, use electronics and so on, so take a look through.

These gift ideas are basically things that I want or already own and love, so take all the suggestions with a grain of salt, seeing as I am just suggesting what I’d buy for myself 😛

You can always buy any kind of gift card (or money) as well, but I know people like to give actual items so here goes!

You can enlarge any of the images if you wish!


  1. Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Set — $48*
  2. Ornamental Things Silhouette Necklace — $38
  3. Remington Sweater Shaver — $6
  4. In-Style 1-Year Subscription — $19.50

*Urban Decay just released Urban Decay Naked 2, another set of shades for the neutral lover. I am sure to pick this one up, but it won’t be any time this year — it is TOTALLY sold out.

They repeated Half Baked as a colour, but the rest are new (probably because it was so awesome).




  1. Kindle Touch — $99
  2. Nervous System Necklace — $60
  3. Josie Maran Seductive Golds Collection — $54
  4. Caudalie Body, Hand and Foot Cream Trio — $62


P.S. I just bought this for BF and he really recommends buying the Braun Cruzer 6 series of razors and trimmers.

He says it’s the best beard and hair trimmer he’s ever come across and he loves it!

It is also great for traveling (comes with a pouch, is compact) and works in Europe and in North America (handles both voltages).

HIGHLY recommended. 🙂

GIFT GUIDE FROM $100 – $350


  1. Canon S95 Camera: $291
  2. Adeleshop Crimson Red Leather Bag: $145
  3. Frye Company Paige Tall Riding Boot: $348
  4. Fluid Forms Streets Clock — $200
Disclaimer: I was joking about eating the boots. Don’t try and take me up on the offer if she hates them and you have to return them 😛


I am a huge fan of buying higher quality gifts for the hard-to-buy-for person by pooling your money with other family members or friends.

There’s no need to buy the entire item on your own and go into any kind of debt for it.

I am also not getting direct company sponsorship money to promote ANY of the items above. So unless you buy any products via my link to Amazon.com, I won’t get any cash at all for recommending any of this. I genuinely own and/or like these items. A lot. So if you do decide to buy it via my Amazon.com link because it was the cheapest option, then thanks in advance! 😀

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