What’s in a baby name?

There is an American-Australian couple (white, if you must be specific), who named one of their three kids, a boy: Yo Xing Heyno Augustus Eisner Alexander Weiser Knuckles. (Read article here)

Or for short, “Yo Xing”.

He is not adopted at all.

It sounded strange at first, that a non-Chinese child who was not born in China, nor have any roots in China at all (via an ethnic background), would have a very Chinese name.

There don’t seem to be any discernible ties to how he was named as such, other than their parents having a penchant for whimsy.

Then I thought: Wait, but is it so strange than if for example when Chinese parents name their children American names?

Or if any other culture — Italian, Mexican, Filipino, etc… who name their child with a non-cultural name?

There are tons of children out there who have names..

  • not related to their ethnic background
  • not related to where they were born (or when)

I am slightly fascinated by this because it’s as though…

  • English (William, Jane, James, Elizabeth)
  • French (Yvonne, Andre, Natalie, Jerome)
  • Jewish (Jacob, Shiloh, Noah, Abigail)

…names are “acceptable”  as general names for English-speaking children, but more ethnic names for babies who aren’t born of that ethnic background sound strange to our ears.

Like Yo Xing. Or Fabio. Or Amit.

Anyway, there is no real point in this post.

I just had this thought cross my mind as I was reading the article.

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