September 2011 Budget Roundup -($15,277.09)

Truer words were never said: what teachers really want to tell parents, a nice follow-up article to my earlier post: fighting our own battles.


Getting excited about my upcoming trip to Europe!!! That’s all I can think about right now.

We are planning on visiting the following cities/countries:

  • Paris, France (Take Two. I am hoping for a better experience this time around.)
  • Also hoping to make another day trip to Lyon, France!!!
  • London, England (I really enjoyed my last visit.)
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Brussels, Belgium

Okay time for everyone to be nice.

I am in the hole $15,000 this month because I spent almost $10,000 and my investments nosedived. ARG! *whimper*


  • STILL not working for all of 2011
  • No blog income included (gets donated anyway, hence the exclusion)

EXPENSES = $9190.63

Don’t even look at it.. seriously. I mean.. around $9000?

This was the month for spending like crazy.

The only thing I can say is that in October since we will be in Europe, my spending budget there is $500 plus food and entertainment which BF (the king of super frugal saving) is in charge of handling :P.

I am looking at about $1000 spent for October and that won’t change because I refuse to use my credit card there.

The shopaholic reared her head

Hey, I’m only human. 🙂

Once the $2000 Burberry coat went through, I bought an art piece (a beautiful kimono), a Mackage Gaia coat and a bunch of other things.

Now, I don’t even want to buy anything. My wardrobe feels so complete, it’s sick. I’m in love with it.

*slaps the hands that reached for the credit card so freely*

The good news is that although I spent a lot, it wasn’t a lot of STUFF in the end.

Less quantity, more quality….although it doesn’t make my wallet hurt any less, even though I want to keep and wear every single item I bought.

The other half of that $9000 went to my upcoming month in Europe (see above), and I also spent $600-ish on my parents.

NET WORTH = $156,529.64 — Decrease of -($15,277.09) or 8.9%

It also doesn’t help that my investments dipped this month too.

Oh well. *hangs on*

  • Cash = $680.07
  • Savings = $4261.02
  • Retirement = $38,588.55
  • Emergency Fund = $113,000


Now for some funny stuff.


Not too far off from the truth I think 🙂

And I’ve been reading snippets of articles here and there alluding to all of these studies that people are unhappier after they have children, and many wish they could go back to the way it was BC (before child), although they’d never un-wish having their children now.

On to happier things, doesn’t this look lovely?

I’d think I’d like to make a personalized one for all the cities that I’ve visited. This particular picture was $80 at Home Sense.

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