Closet Cleanout #2 — Purses, Clothing, etc

First come first serve!

Another great closet clean out, although not as big as last time *laugh* These are all the items that I couldn’t bear to let go the last time, but alas.. their time has come because I NEED MORE SPACE.. as in, I don’t want to pack my suitcases to the brim.

Shipping will be minimal but I will try and estimate/discount if you buy more than one item.

I think for most pieces, it will cost anywhere from $5 – $10 to ship to anywhere in North America.

If you are a local to Toronto, I’m willing to meet you and do the exchange in person for CAD to save on shipping costs.

I will package it all like the last time, in as little packaging as possible so it’s super cheap.

I want to sell everything ASAP so I can go in a flurry of packing and shipping. I am moving very soon and this has to move like.. NOW.

DEADLINE: Tuesday morning November 2nd 2011

You can email me here for what you want.

This will be my only posting of everything I am selling.

Everything will be shipped ASAP one payment clears. I only take Paypal.


  • All the following are usually US 4 or US 6, with a ONE that could be US 8 sizing
  • All the clothing below is barely worn (obviously why I’m selling), and is in good condition or like-new
  • I will point out any flaws as I see them
  • Everything is in USD for simplicity’s sake

Everything is gone now. Thanks!


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