The smallest details can really ruin something

You know how sometimes you hear the phrase: “The devil is in the details”?

It’s so true, it isn’t funny.

What you wear, is really important — not that it’s necessarily the right outfit, super fashion forward or polished, but that you have addressed a certain level of cohesiveness.

Case in point #1

I saw a woman walk into the cafeteria the other day. She was well dressed in a grey tweed skirt suit, nice top, black tights and her hair done well.

My eyes glance down to her feet, and she’s wearing HIKING BOOTS with the outfit.

Like these:


Now, I am not trying to say women should pinch their feet into 3″ stilettos for the sake of an outfit or for image, but let’s face it — we judge, and she ruined the look.

If you are going to wear everything perfectly, and then ruin it with a pair of hiking boots, that’s where I draw the line.

If she had just picked a pair of ballet flats or shoes that fit more in line with her chic, downtown look, you wouldn’t be listening to how a pair of shoes ruined the entire image for me.

Case in point #2

Another woman was dressed in a suit (albeit an outdated one), and when I happened to turn and face her while she was turned on her side, I noticed a huge, gaping rip in the jacket.

It wasn’t just a little tear.

Or a little piece of thread sticking out.

It was a GAPING HOLE where I could see the inside lining of the jacket and the overly stuffed shoulder pads.

I mean, REALLY.

I am not the Fashion Police, but for goodness sake, why would you go through all that trouble of doing everything right, only to put on an element that throws the whole look off?

Or to not bother repairing a gaping hole in your jacket? Just wear a sweater instead!

It’s like a guy coming to work with a coffee stain all over his white shirt. “Bah, it’s still a clean shirt, right? The smell of coffee enhances my natural scent.

Pay attention to the details.

  • Cover your butt and crotch when you wear leggings
  • Don’t wear clothing that is ripped, torn or shredded
  • Don’t go through the trouble of looking professional, only to ruin it with the shoes
  • Don’t wear clothing with stains on it

You just never know who you’re going to meet. Like your boss. Or an important client. You might be able to laugh it off and they MAY not care, but you could be really embarrassed if they kindly point it out.

I’ve met people I’ve gone to business school with all the time, when it is least expected. Not to mention exes as well…. 😛

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