Own up to your actions and words

Take responsibility for your actions and words.

I know that if I go to a store, and if I am justified in being upset about something, I’m willing to argue to get properly compensated.

That being said, I know when I do that, that people will respond negatively.

How can they not?

I respond negatively all the time when people (seem to) attack me on the blog, and it’s hard not to take it personally.

These reps will feel attacked even though it isn’t personal and it was my being upset at the lack of enforcement of a certain policy at the store, or whatever.

Another example is when you are arguing with a loved one perhaps.

In the heat of the moment, you say something you regret — maybe blurting out something that was supposed to have been done and over with, or swearing at them.

At that point, you have to own up to what you said.

Sure, you said it when you were upset, but you said it.

This means you can make a choice to:

  • apologize immediately
  • apologize after wards
  • fix the situation in other ways
  • keep arguing your point

What you can’t do, is say: “I didn’t mean to say that, why are you upset and attacking me back? My intention was not to hurt you.

The problem is that you can’t take back your actions or words, and if you aren’t willing to either back them up and defend yourself, or back down and fix the situation, then DON’T SAY IT.

The best example is the internet: anyone can say anything they damn well please under a guise of (relative) Anonymity.

The rule is: if you aren’t willing to speak those words out loud to someone in person, face-to-face because you actually feel like it would be rude or too personal, then don’t type it.

I feel like I still need to learn this!

What about you? What do you feel like you need to work on?

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