Google Reader Shared Items: How to find your URL to share with others

I share a lot of articles from around the web (like real-time Link Love) via my Fabulously Broke’s Shared Items RSS Feed, located here:

1. In Google Reader at the very top under Add Subscription, open the + sign on All Items in faint blue on the right.

2. Now open Your Stuff and click on Shared Items (looks like orange quarter rainbow for the RSS feed)

3. Now it should say something like: “[Your Name]’s shared items” at the top

4. Click on THAT title and it will bring you to an open page saying: Google Reader – [Your Name]’s Shared Items

5. Now copy the above URL and share it as an “RSS Feed” for others to subscribe to.

6. You can also set up your profile under your shared items under sharing settings.

That’s it 🙂

If you want to change the ‘theme’ of your shared page, when you go through steps 1-3 above, and on the far right just under Note in Reader grey button, click onSharing Settings and set up the settings for sharing the link and theme, etc.

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