What I am currently eyeing

Eying, not buying. 🙂 These are just on my Sort-of-Wish List, but I am not committed to buying anything. Yet.


A lower-priced trench coat similar to this Burberry Regimental Wool Trench coat.

It’s $1600, so I am not keen on spending that kind of dough on a jacket.

Also, I’m moving to Texas.. so why would I even need a wool coat? 😛  <— these are all reasons against buying one.

I like the whole sharp, classic with a twist style of the jacket, but the colour is also a turnoff. I don’t like black…

I’d even settle for a style like this, but I hate the colour.

If I were a pale redhead, I’d buy this colour to wear. It’d look amazing on a girl with fiery red hair.


I’d want a colour that’s probably a deep plum, navy or dark red. 🙂


I’ve always liked the look of a bold, classic watch but frankly I don’t know what style I want. I feel like once I see it, I’ll know.

I also really hate using my iPod Touch to check the time. Minimalist or not, it annoys me.

This is what I’m looking at, but they aren’t quite it. Something with a mix of colours maybe. Or materials.


Once I move to Texas and get a job, I’m buying one.

Maybe used if I’m lucky … ;).. but it’s the newest model, so I may have to bite the bullet and buy it at retail.

Just listen to how amazing it sounds:

What are you eying and not buying these days?

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