Toronto Pride Parade 2011 – Part 1

Let’s take a little break from photos of Asia and concentrate on an event that just happened July 3rd 2011 in Toronto.


Disclaimer: Please note that some images might bother people because there might be a little too much nudity for your liking. Continue at your own discretion.

This is my second Pride Parade in years! I normally miss it, because I am NEVER in Toronto.

They say it’s one of the biggest (if not, THE biggest) Gay Pride parade in the whole world. This year however, I made it… unfortunately with the recession, I can see that it isn’t as amazing as previous years, which was a bit disappointing, but nonetheless fun to attend. I loved the energy of Pride 2011.

It was just awesome to be in the middle of it and seeing people call out: HAPPY PRIDE!


Part Two coming up tomorrow. I had too many awesome photographs not to share 🙂

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