Last links of Link Lovin’

And thus ends my link lovin’ series of all the awesome articles I’ve been storing up since my trip to Asia.

Ranger Dave and Bears

This made me cry with laughter.

Paper Man

A super sweet fashion interview with Angie’s father

I think her father sounds like an amazing, wonderful man. I know that comes off as slightly creepy, but I appreciate good people in the world, even ones I don’t know personally.

Is there anything that you could change about today’s fashion, what would it be?

I’d like to see more woman wearing skirts and dresses. And when men wear formal shirts with suits and blazers, they should wear a neck tie. It just doesn’t look good without a necktie. It’s sloppy. Why don’t they wear a neck tie?

What was your favorite look that Mama would wear?

That’s easy. It’s when Mama would wear a full skirt just below the knee, you know, fitted at the waist and standing away from the legs, with a nice tailored blouse, pantyhose and pointy shoes. And in happy colours and pretty patterns. The skirt was the right length, not too long or too short. I liked the shoes that Mama had custom made in Hong Kong because they looked the best.

What is like being an American in the Tokyo mafia?

It’s a book, but the link has a few quotes.

When I think of Tokyo mafia, I think of Kill Bill and the scene where Lucy Liu dashes across the table to mete out a punishment.

“Confession is for the confessor. It makes you feel good; it ruins the lives of everyone else. It’s a selfish thing to do. Don’t confess.”

Indoor Orange Trees


Display your clothes

I’d like to do this. If we’d freaking stop moving 🙂

Jimi Hendrix Voodo Chile

In Mom’s Arms

If you don’t watch this at least twice and coo at the kitten, you’re a monster.

Just kidding. Sorta.

The web is what you make of it


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