July 2011 Budget Roundup -($1853.29)

For inspiration to look chic and effortless in my life, check out these two photos:



Okay so maybe I wouldn’t wear such an open, blousy white top without something underneath, but it’s still pretty.


I also wouldn’t wear shoes that high, but I like the colours in their outfits!

Both images are from Monica Rose, Stylist.

I can’t wait for Madrid, Spain and Portugal (AGAIN!)

A very sweet reader named Iria wrote in to give me more help on where to go in Madrid, and for that.. I thank her greatly 🙂


  • Zero. Nada. Nil. Always $0 until end of this year… hopefully 😛
  • Not including blogging income (usually gets donated at the end of the year in one lump sum)

EXPENSES: $1836.75 + $900 (= $500 EUR in cash)

  • I’m going to spend about $1000 as a budget for July and August (converted into EUR already)
  • BF has already taken my half of the share of food and entertainment we’ll pay for in Europe too (~$1500)
  • I don’t use my credit card when I am overseas, so this will be cash-only for me
  • Look, my personal expenses were ridiculously low.. but then my mom mentioned going to NYC..
  • …so I bought her a new camera for NYC that’ll be easy to use.
  • Then my dad worried about losing his 750GB of photographs, so I bought him 2 x 1TB hard drives**
  • A lot of money went mostly to electronics this month for my parents.
  • Now my mom cannot complain about her tools taking bad photographs.*
*I told her the camera doesn’t make a photographer, and a true photographer doesn’t blame her tools!! 😛
She also got a new case, extra SDHC card in 8GB and a spare battery.
**My parents’ photographs are amazing.
I would simply cry if they were lost or corrupted just because I was a dumbass and didn’t take the initiative to backup everything just in case. They have almost a GIGABYTE of photographs shot in RAW formats (1-2 MB each photo)

NET WORTH:$173,895.88 or a decrease of -($1853.29) which is -1.05%


  • Cash: $1525.78 (including EUR spending money and $500 CAD backup)

  • Savings: $14,327.32
  • Emergency Fund: $110,641.58*
  • Retirement: $47,401.20




  • I am keeping a lot in my EF because I am leaving the country soon after I return
  • Slow and steady decline in the works.
  • I probably shouldn’t be lusting after bags and buying my parents electronics, but meh. I’m leaving soon.****
****Leaving the country that is, and going to the U.S.
My parents are in denial that I’m actually going right now and leaving (!!), but they’re half hoping they’ll be able to move in with us later on in their golden years when it gets too cold to stay up north.


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