Flaws. Here are mine, what are some of yours?

I have them, you have them, and Amy from Rainy Saturday has ’em.

(She inspired me for this post)


So my flaws? Here goes!

  1. I’m tough on myself. Like really tough to where I randomly replay my foibles from Grade 2 in my head, even to this day
  2. I leave junk everywhere around my ‘area’, like papers and bits of crap (I nest!)
  3. I could eat Nutella out of the jar (which is why I don’t buy it)
  4. I get a little lazy when I know I have something big to do (taxes, anyone?)
  5. I always get anxious and panicky when I think I’ve offended someone and then I stress
  6. I don’t call my mom as often as I should, I know
  7. I try to remember to floss and brush after every meal but I forget
  8. I like to snack, so I don’t keep snacks nearby or I’d obliterate them with my mouth
  9. I can never refuse any proffer of food no matter how bad it might be for me
  10. I feel horribly awkward at social functions with loud music and with the threat of dancing
  11. I am defensive against any conversion (religion, politics, eating habits)
  12. I sometimes judge people on spending, like feeding their pet $250 worth of treats when they’re starving
  13. I am direct not rude, but I know that other people may perceive it differently
  14. I have a low threshold for bad customer service
  15. I will refuse to pick up stuff like contact lens solution just because I think I can make it last just a bit longer… until it really runs out and I’m screwed

I’m sure there are more, but this is all I can come up with right now.

#6 about calling my mom more often reminds me to share this cute passive aggressive note with you:

Kat is currently living abroad teaching English in Japan, and although she speaks to her parents every week, that’s apparently not cutting it with her Dad, who’d prefer more detailed letters.

Rather than communicate this directly to Kat, however, Daddy dearest decided to use the family’s new kitten, Faisal, as his mouthpiece. The result? The finest in super kawaii emotional manipulation!

Via Passive Aggressive Notes

Your turn!

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