August 2011 Budget Roundup -($2089.15)


Ahh shopping.

Is there anything cooler than finding stuff you’d never find in your own home country, let alone continent? πŸ™‚

Okay perhaps saving money is a better option but .. these are wearable souvenirs, folks! I’ll actually use them πŸ™‚

P.S. I remembered it. The store is “Trucco”

And that’s all I bought in Europe, other than gifts.

I went pretty easy on the shopping I’d say. I still have 350 EUR left for my upcoming travels.


BF and I are throwing around the idea of going to Paris and London later on this year before moving to Texas.

After we get to Texas, I already know what I want to go to New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco, so that’s a must πŸ™‚

I really want to see these places in another season, and I want to have a better experience of Paris this time around and to LOVE the city.

Okay, maybe just like it.

I want to see a less tourist-y side of these cities and not have to worry about more oak leaf mites to cover my face in red chickenpox bites while walking down the streets of Paris.


  • No blog income included (I usually donate it, so what’s the point?)
  • No actual income from my job nor any side income from writing articles
  • Not working for the rest of 2011; I am on perma-vacation

EXPENSES = $2493.47

What is not included above are the costs for the flights and the hotels because they were pre-paid in July.

Everything else, including food, museums and whatever else is in there as my expenses for the month.

I think September will be more expensive, because my sister is coming for the whole weekend and I am meeting with as many people as I possibly can before leaving Canada.

NET WORTH = $171,806.73 which is a decrease of 1.2% from last month or -($2089.15)

  • Cash = $739.32
  • Retirement = $43,369.88
  • Savings = $3697.53
  • Emergency Fund = $124,000
Not too shabby for having been in Europe living in hotels and traveling πŸ™‚
Now to keep the declining pace of my net worth to a minimum while I continue traveling the world.


P.S. I still really really want this trench coat.

Anyone up for finding me a cheaper substitute of good quality? I want to have a cashmere/wool blend, but maybe there’s a brand/style out there that is less than $1600.

Or maybe I’m just dreaming. *sigh*

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