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Cuddly Kitten

I’m allergic to furry animals, but even I would pick up this kitten and nuzzle it.

Beautiful Spiral Staircases

Clothing sizing is out of control

I range from a size 2 to an 8 when I am in a store. I just don’t know what size I am any more. I have to eyeball it.

Women who used to wear a certain size at their slimmest and youngest a decade or more ago, are now wearing several sizes smaller, despite a weight gain.

Passive Aggressive Granny

The bilingual advantage

As we did our research, you could see there was a big difference in the way monolingual and bilingual children processed language.

We found that if you gave 5- and 6-year-olds language problems to solve, monolingual and bilingual children knew, pretty much, the same amount of language.

But on one question, there was a difference. We asked all the children if a certain illogical sentence was grammatically correct: “Apples grow on noses.”

The monolingual children couldn’t answer. They’d say, “That’s silly” and they’d stall.

But the bilingual children would say, in their own words, “It’s silly, but it’s grammatically correct.”

The bilinguals, we found, manifested a cognitive system with the ability to attend to important information and ignore the less important.

Lemon Ginger Curd

Reverse Graffiti

Raft of Otters

The Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER


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