The True Cost of Purchases (Anatomy of a Shopping Spree)

Just heard a story the other day.

A couple we know went on a vacation and saw the most amazing handmade wall covering for $1000. Think of it as like a quilt, just.. hung on the wall.

They brought it back, placed it on the wall of their bedroom, and paused.

Wife: We need to upgrade the drapes now. Nothing matches.

Husband: What?

Wife: Well look! A beautiful piece of art needs beautiful pieces to compliment it.

Husband: And so it begins.

They started upgrading the bedroom to match this handmade wall covering by:

  • Painting the walls
  • Buying new drapes
  • Buying new bed covers/bed sheets
  • New bedroom furniture
  • New rug

Total cost of a $1000 wall covering?

$5000 including the $1000 wall covering

Moral of the story:

Don’t let pretty things sway you and think about the follow-on costs of items.


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