Officially on Vacation Part Two: Portugal and Spain

Just a quick post to let you know that I am on vacation…. again.

This time, I’m in Portugal (Lisbon and surrounding cities) and Spain (Madrid, only).

I’m probably already stuffing my face with these cream tarts (natas) in Lisbon as you’re reading this.

I won’t be back until late August so I hope you all have a great summer if I don’t talk to any of you until then!

I have posts from my trip scheduled on my Everyday Minimalist blog mostly on Thursdays, and also on this blog on Tuesdays.

I’ll try and log on and check my emails periodically, but I may not have easy access to the internet so please be patient with me.

I tried to get fat in Asia but failed miserably — it was too hot and humid to think about eating, so my new goal is to put on 10 pounds in Europe so my clothes will hang better on my frame.

Até logo! (See you later)

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