The Idiot’s Wife: The Story of The Photograph

I’m just about on my way back to Canada, but if you want to see a sneak preview of the pictures to come from my Asia 2011 trip, head on over to my Everyday Minimalist blog — Trip to Asia 2011 photos and preview.

I am debating whether to put all the photos on Flickr and link to it (dead easy) or do actual blog posts for each city/category (hard but rewarding).

What do you think?


Disclaimer: This is an on-going “series”, and is half tongue-in-cheek, but absolutely 100% TRUE

We’ve since learned from our meetings that The Idiot is misguidedly proud of his Idiot Wife.


Because she sold ONE photograph in Mexico.

It was when these businessmen came to her gallery opening and got totally wasted on wine and cheese, and started bidding up a photograph she had taken, which sold it for $1000.

While that is a fabulous feat, let’s look into the details:

  • He said dollars, we think he meant pesos because Mexico’s currency is the peso.
  • So 1000 pesos = $77.07 USD — which isn’t so bad if you think about it. $77 is good cash for a photograph.
  • But it was only once, not multiple times.
  • These rich guys were drunk as skunks by his admission, and to be honest, anything when you’re drunk, looks awesome

Ever since, she’s lorded it over him that she could sell a photograph for 1000 dollars pesos.

Whenever we ask: “So how’s the wife?”

He says: “She’s starting to try and sell her photographs again. She sold a photograph once for $1000 you know!”

Same answer. Every time.

She did it once and she can do it again and said that the reason why she hasn’t sold anything in the past 15 years is because the local community of Montreal/Canada/Countries-outside-of-Mexico doesn’t know who she is and therefore, is harder to sell.

Cue rolling of the eyes.

It’s hard to sell anything when you don’t really try to do anything to try and sell it.

Her photos are also pretty mundane, taken with a cheap pocket camera (you know, those slim Sony ones?).

She hasn’t tried to set up a gallery viewing of her work in her home, or anything low-cost that would show ANYONE that she’s actually trying to make money as a “professional” photographer.

Besides, there are so many outlets out there like Etsy, or Deviant Art where you can post your photographs and then start marketing your site to get people to buy your work.

One photo sold 15 years ago, does not a career make.

If you do something that doesn’t make any steady money, it’s a hobby.

Not a career, or a job.


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