Interesting Articles from around the Globe

When I am on vacation, I still read a bit of my Google Reader Favourites and Shared Items and I always email interesting stuff to myself that I want to share with everyone.

Here’s Part One of the links I’ve collected over 5 weeks.

How many parts are there? Plenty.
I think there’ll be 10 more posts like this to get out all the cool & interesting stuff I’ve read recently.

This is a photograph.

Man robs a bank in America for $1 to get healthcare

Steel Wire Sculptures

Tortoise acts as mom to baby hippo

Reed Krakoff Boxer Tote (if only the price weren’t so high at around $1000 :P)

1000 year old snow

The hardest languages to learn


I am not surprised by these quotes AT ALL.

  • Today, the entrance door to my building quit working so I went to the manager’s office and informed him of the situation and that it needed to be fixed. The manager replied, “That’s not my problem. That’s the door’s problem.” FMCL
  • Today, my foreign bank informed me that the money I transferred had been held up because of a issue at the destination bank in China. When asked, the destination bank in China said, “what money?” FMCL

Japanese evacuation shelters: Fukushima

Road signs don’t always mean what you think



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