What I bought!


Picked up a Canon G12 Camera for my trip to Asia. It was $569.99 in the stores, but I basically price-matched and haggled it down over the next 14 days to $479.99.

Savings? Around $90.

Long story short, I love it. If you are on the fence, buy it even though you aren’t a “pro” or an “amateur”. It takes stupid easy shots that look beautiful no matter what you do.

I can really see the difference in my pictures compared to my Canon SD880.

I still use my smaller Canon for when I am out and about, but for really stunning shots, I tote the G12 around.

I love the swivel rotating screen at the back, and my father who is a photography buff was thoroughly impressed with it as a good solid camera for someone like me.

BF owns the G11 and the only real difference that matter is mine has HD video. *shrug*

If I could have purchased the G11 for cheaper, I would have.

Look at just doing a macro shot on a pineapple’s bottom:

I wish I had remembered to take a shot with the Canon 880 to show you the difference, but trust me, this is far better than what my other camera could achieve.


Went a little Anthro-crazy. πŸ™‚

Got two second-hand Anthropologie blouses from a lovely seller. $90 for 2 tops (so $45 each shipping included).

I finally received them, had the straps tailored to fit my shoulders (my torso is short) and I LOVE THEM.

Fissured Shell Tank (Silk) – $45

Ikebana Tank (Cotton Canvas) – $45

I also finally pulled the trigger on 3 pieces sight unseen!

Big thanks goes out to Revanche for helping me!! πŸ™‚

My thing was NO neutrals this year (only exception were those Facile Camp Shirts), and I am sticking to that quite nicely.

I would have loved to have gotten all of these on sale, but I can see that they will never make it to the racks based on their reviews.

Fantastic Field Skirt (Cotton?) – $88 USD

It was one of the last ones left and I was hoping it would go on sale, but they’ve all pretty much sold out in all the sizes except the 8 which is still in my fit range.

I couldn’t stop eying and thinking about it, and I couldn’t find it in stores to try it on when I was in Toronto.

It’s one of those pieces that EVERYONE seems to love. *sigh*

I hear it runs small, and I am normally a 4 now, but I do think the extra fabric will give me room to let someone help me tailor it if I need to, to make it fit perfectly and make the patterns match up if they don’t look good.Β *crosses fingers*

I like that it’s a bold print and it puffs out at the hips to give me some volume down there, and to balance out my shoulders.

Magellan Dress (Cotton?) – $148

I normally hate strapless dresses, but this one comes with straps andΒ the prints are stunning together (to me).

Again, another piece that everyone seems to love, and seeing as they are selling like hotcakes, I will never get a chance to see this on sale.

I like how unusual it looks with the two prints paired together, and I hear the belt is a straw belt (WTF?) but I can totally make this work.

The colours are great, and the shape of the dress is made for an inverted triangle like myself (broad shoulders, skinny everywhere else).

I think the poufy flare out skirt will be perfect and I hear the top is a bit tight if you have a larger ribcage or bust, so I got the size 6 instead of the 4.

Natalie Swimsuit in Polkadots – $148

I’ve been eying this damn thing ever since it came out, and the worst thing was that it was ONLINE ONLY. *sigh*

I don’t wear bikinis, so this is the perfect bathing suit for me. Covers all the essentials and looks retro to boot.

It’s been sold out, then restocked, then sold out again… and I figured if I was going to buy the other 2 pieces (above) I might as well buy this one too and get it all shipped to me at once.

Picked a size 6, and I hope it isn’t too big or I’ll have to eat like a mofo to fit into it.

If it’s too small.. well.. I can always exchange it πŸ™‚

That’s all I bought in clothing so far.

I’m staying away from sweaters, jackets, neutrals, plain tops… all because I am going for statement pieces this year πŸ˜€

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