Would you let your parents move in with you?

Revanche of A Gai Shan Life wrote a great post recently called Parents: The Top Bread Slice.

Basically, it’s talking about letting your elderly parents move back in with you if they’re unable to live alone.

Full o’ good stuff, that girl.

Revanche is truly an inspiration for me, because she is supporting not only her half of the household (congratulations on the engagement..AGAIN!), but her parents’ household as well. She has a tougher time dealing with this than most of us will ever experience (and at such a young age to boot) so learning from her actions and hearing her thoughts about is amazing.

Anyway, back to parents. Her post has generated some interesting discussion so far, and here’s my take on it.


It isn’t even an option

A nursing home? Unthinkable. It just wouldn’t happen, if we did everything in our power to stop it.

It’s not that we’re saints or martyrs here (far from it!), we just don’t see it as an option to put them into a home, unless it was REALLY a serious situation where they needed machines to live, or something to that effect.

We know it would be hard if my parents had to be taken care of full-time, but we’d have to just find a way to make it work, like hire a part-time nurse during the day, and to take care of them during the night.

If we had my parents living with us, at least I know the level of care and love they’d receive, and my siblings would contribute to the medical costs if need be.

I was prepped at a young age to accept this eventuality

When I was a little girl, my mother would feed me my favourite foods and say: When you grow up, don’t forget your mama. You know how right now, I’m giving you strawberry ice cream?

Little FB: Umm mm!

Mom: Well as you are eating this, remember that mama doesn’t like strawberry ice cream. I like orange sherbert. Preferably in a sorbet.

Little FB: Okay.

Mom: You’d never let me live in a home right?

Little FB: No. Never!

Mom: We wouldn’t want what happened to grandma and grandpa to happen to us right?

Little FB: Nope. *munch munch*

Mom: Good. Remember your mama when you get older. Don’t forget about us. Especially your mother. 😛

Little FB: More ice cwream pwease.

*Side story: We left our home country when we were very young, and my parents were unable to bring my grandparents to come live with us in Canada halfway across the world.
So my grandparents ended up having to go into a home because well… her siblings didn’t want them. It’s kind of a sad story.

This above nudging and “brainwashing” (haha) is not uncommon either. A few of my friends recounted similar stories about being reminded ever so often how much their parents love them and what they’d do for them, so that they will never forget.

I guess it worked, because now I am Team Grandma/Grandpa 😛

How does BF feel about all of this?

I already discussed this with BF, and he feels the same way.

If his parents or mine needed to move in with us, we would take them in, pay for their basic living needs (no fancy trips to Vegas, I can tell you that!) and be totally fine with it.

Even living in a small studio?

Yes. Even living in a small studio.

We would put up a room divider and shoo them out of the house once in a while for some alone time (or go to a hotel).

We’ve already discussed for this eventuality, and though we are from two different cultures (really opposite), our parents took care of us up until at least the age of 19 or longer.

Feeding, washing, caring, cooing, loving.

We at least owe it to them to take care of them in their older years.

Might also be better for them if they lived with us!

Barring serious medical circumstances like the one Revanche is facing with her mother, they say that the elderly do better when there is a support network around them of family and friends, like in a blended household.

Just seeing their grandchildren or their children each day, makes the elderly happy and keeps their wits sharp (apparently).

I’d also know that if I took care of my parents, I’d be the one making sure they took their medications, could get to a doctor, and are well taken care of to the best of my abilities.

BF is totally fine with this idea as well (as I am with taking care of his parents if need be).

The choice is never easy

Should you decide to put your parents into a nursing home or not, the choice is never easy.

No choice is right or wrong, it’s only right for you, when you have to consider the financial costs of doing so as well.

I know a guy who’s mother is in her 90s and is experiencing a lot of trouble trying to live alone.

She basically can’t move or go to the bathroom without help, so she lies in bed until the day nurse comes to help her get out of bed, wash her, change her and feed her.

If the nurse can’t make it… well, she lies in the bed alone and soils herself.

He lives in another province so he flies back when he can, but the nursing homes they’re looking into are all booked up until one of the residents dies.

It’s harsh, but that’s reality.

What about you? Have you thought about what you would do if your parents couldn’t live alone?

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