The Average Face of Different Nationalities: Do you see yourself?

You know I have to say it…!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We celebrate by hugging more and being horribly sappy to each other.

BF also makes this amazing meal each year for the two of us.

Then we go for a walk and count kissing bunny rabbits along the way…. just kidding.:P

Actually, we usually end up falling asleep from stuffing our faces.

Also, I don’t think the day is just for “lovers” per se.

I’d like to think that families could celebrate it together, as well as friends and anyone who loves each other.

All right. Now for the real point of the post — A guy basically went through thousands of photos to find an average face of each nationality and here are the results.

Sorry guys, only women in these photos!

The two that looked almost identical for me were Chinese and Taiwanese, which stands to reason.

Via Pics Roll

Did you see yourself in any of them?

It doesn’t take mixed nationalities into account by the way…

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