Toronto Miscellany: Cool, funny and weird things I saw and found

Okay so I didn’t see this in Toronto but this video of the Croatian all-star team dunking basketballs is AWESOME.

Mind. Blown.

Via The Next Web

Now for some Toronto lovin’ from December 2010!

Those Mighty Wallets are water-resistant, totally minimalist, made out of one sheet of paper, tough, durable and PRACTICAL.

Yes. I caved. I bought one.

Check out the Lorac Little Black Palette here – $30.99.

Apparently a huge attraction. I saw girls EVERYWHERE with VS bags.

I went in there, and wasn’t that impressed. Then again, I’m not into underwear, lingerie and frilly things.

Found some polar bears in Dundas Square

And a tree πŸ™‚

And of course, the Eaton Centre Tree.

Insane how many people were there. I started getting annoyed and frustrated with the crowds.

I just left.


Now I want the entire Quentin Tarantino Boxset.

There’s something so empowering, visceral and STRONG about his movies.

When I watch Death Proof, Kill Bill, or Inglourious Basterds… it really stirs up something in me.

So that was my short Toronto jaunt. Saw family, ate food, didn’t do much.

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