Food Feasts: December 2010 and January 2011

Okay so here are all my pent up food pictures from December 2010 to January 2011.

BF cooked most of the meals you will see below (he loves it, it’s his thing).

We make a great team because my thing is to sit there, look cute while he is cooking and eat with mucho gusto while making appreciative noises.

BF brought me back a little pastry with almond inside (from Montreal). I think he went to Au Pain Dore.

Then for our holiday meal, we started with foie gras with cracked pepper, fleur de sel topped on a baguette.

The main meal was a duck confit with garlic potatoes.

A treat for me was Coca-Cola in a glass bottle.

Out of the 6 we bought, I only got to drink 2. BF hogged the rest (he’s more of a soda pop fanatic than I am).

We made lobster pizza from scratch (everything, including the dough):

And my mom presented me her vegetarian cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and veggies. So yummy.

And she couldn’t help herself. She made me a bowl of ramen when she heard my belly growl.

I told her not to worry but she’s a mom. What can you do?

Of course, I had to load up on some Vietnamese pho.

And go to Chipotle for a burrito bowl or two. 😉

My mom found these in Chinatown and made me eat one.

And for another holiday meal with the family, BF made his Korean Short Ribs.

We saw oyster mushrooms on sale, so he bought some and made an omelette.

My parents left for a few days doing whatever they do, and BF spotted this bottle of wine on the table and asked if we could drink it.

I’ve seen that bottle there for 5 years (we’re not big drinkers), so I told him to crack it open and go crazy.

And I took a sip. I thought it tasted okay, but wine is not my thing. I don’t really like alcohol.

BF said it wasn’t bad for a cheap-ish red wine. Drank the whole bottle.

Then we decided to make another dish (look at me.. “We” when I really mean “He” :P)…

Moroccan-style Chicken with Carrots.

My dad proclaimed it to be delicious. He said he normally hated carrots but with this, he’d eat them.

Score for getting veggies into my dad.

BF busted out some biscotti for my parents afterwards with lemon zest.

And we had leftover lemons, so we made lemonade. Literally.

Very tasty.

Finished with a plate of chicken wings and fries the next day.

And made some bread with this breadmaker my mom has had for eons but never even opened to try.

I went to Aunties and Uncles, but wasn’t totally sold on the food there. I’ll give it another shot but……….. 🙂

Came back and my mom cracked open a 2 year old fruit cake. Seriously?

I hate fruit cake but like an obedient daughter, I ate a slice.

Way too sweet, too much fruit, I would have preferred the cake alone without any fruit.

Tried a little Kenzo ramen (I’m obsessed):

And ordered the Pork Tonkotsu while BF sat there and watched me eat (he doesn’t like ramen).

It was a bit too salty (duh, shouldn’t have taken the salt flavoured soup) but I liked it a lot. Really well done.

I could have gone for another bowl, but BF was getting antsy.

Headed over to Starbucks to try and DIY my own chai lattes:

And that’s pretty much all the special stuff we’ve been eating over the weeks.

We don’t eat like that everyday. Just for holidays/celebrations. Also, lately we’ve just been eating simple things like rice and veggies, fruit, drinking tea and water (*cough* Starbucks Green Tea Matcha Lattes *cough*) and for me, simple vegetarian noodles in miso soup.

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