En Masse Enabling: Did you know that Starbucks has tea lattes for 50% off?

In Canada between 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. until January 16th 2011, Starbucks has tea lattes for 50% off.

Update: Cassie of Digging up and Out says that Some locations are only discounting the bagged tea lattes. They’ll do the Earl Grey latte for example, but not the matcha or regular chai one. So ask before you order.

I am a huge fan of soymilk Chai Lattes:

I love the spiciness mixed with the sweetness.

It’s like a 2 for 1, folks. πŸ™‚

I also save $0.70 for each drink, because I bring my own cup ($0.10 savings) and I’m a registered Starbucks member with a Starbucks Card, so I get my soy milk for free ($0.60 savings).

Read about Starbucks Rewards and Deals Year round here.

Just today though, I’ve tried the Starbucks Green Tea Matcha Latte and I LOVE IT.


It’s my new obsession.

I know it looks all funky and green, but I love the slight bitterness matched with the creamy sweetness.

So. Good.

If you are scared of trying tea lattes because you don’t want to waste your money then go try them now at 50% off.

I heard from one of my favourite enablers public service announcement criers, The Asian Pear, there’s an Earl Grey Tea Latte out there too.

I’ll have to try it today.

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