Starbucks Rewards: Deals Year Round for Addicts and a 15% Savings

Love drinking at Starbucks? Hate how you don’t get compensated for being a loyal addict?

(FYI: We addicts know all about The Latte Factor — we can save the $4 and just drink tea at home or whatever else, which is what I do sometimes, but if we can afford it, why not? I see it as a treat.)

Well enter the STARBUCKS CARD!

If you register it you can get some small Starbucks Rewards:

  • You get a free drink on your birthday (WHUT!? :D)
  • General savings on soy and syrup, and free refills
  • If you live in the U.S. or Calgary you can earn Starbucks Stars which will then unlock secret levels of deliciousness

STARBUCKS STARS in the U.S. & Calgary

1 Star = 1 Visit

5 Stars = Everyone starts here

My Cost = $20 ($4 per drink)

  • All Welcome level benefits
  • Free select syrups and milk options such as soy
  • Free refills on brewed coffee or tea
  • Free tall (12 fl oz) beverage with one pound of whole bean coffee purchase
  • Special exclusive offers and coupons

30 Stars = You’re an Addict

My Cost = $120 ($4 per drink)

  • All Welcome and Green level benefits
  • An exclusive, personalized card (unavailable in stores) and Welcome Packet
  • The ability to earn a free drink after every 15 Stars which means I spend $60 to get a $4 drink (6.67% return)

How to get these rewards:

  1. Get a Starbucks card.
  2. Use it to buy Starbucks drinks.
  3. Refill the card when your balance runs low.
  4. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.
  5. Get free shizz.


Original Article here found via Mainstreet:

Not including this whole post on the Starbucks Rewards program, here are some choice tips:

  • “If you and a friend are out and want a Frappuccino, ask for a Venti split into two tall cups. Iced venti cups are 24 oz. Tall are 12. Voila. Two talls would cost you about six bucks, a venti, four.”
  • “If you want espresso, avoid the options already on the menu board. Americanos cost just a little more than a cup of brewed coffee, but packs more of a caffeine punch because it’s espresso and hot water. It tastes like coffee and you can sweeten it just like you would your normal cup of coffee … If you want an extra shot, don’t ask for one. Ask for a “grande Americano in a tall cup.” That way, they charge you an extra 30 cents, instead of an extra 70 cents, for the shot of espresso. This works because Grande Americanos get three shots. Same would work for a Venti. My manager tells all his partners to do this by default, whether the customer asks for it that way or not, but other stores may not be so nice.”

Some of the other tips are kind of shady, like asking for a cheap coffee and making your own latte concoction by using up all the “free” milk on the counter.

But if it’s too much coffee to drink, it kind of makes sense to split the drinks with a friend.

Personally, what I drink is not to be shared 😉

It’s this:

Starbucks Soy Chai Latte

*_* <— Me

In case you don’t know this, I am addicted to soy Chai Lattes (see above). I like soy because it tastes better to me than milk.

Here are my calculated regular savings seeing as I don’t live in Calgary or the U.S.:

  • $0.50 charge per soy swap out instead of milk
  • $0.10 savings if I bring my own mug instead of getting a cup

= $0.60 per cup, and if my drink is around $4, we’re talking a 15% savings. If I get a larger drink, then the savings drop.

Add on top of that the free birthday drink and I’m thrilled!

Note: I am not being paid by Starbucks nor to endorse them. I wish. Starbucks, if you’re reading this, and want to give me free deluxe drinks for the rest of my life for being such a loyal bloggess, call me.

Speaking of treats, how about some blogs & articles?

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I was totally inspired by The Single Supplement (above), and I’ve just started taking pictures and mapping out what I’m bringing to Asia for a month and a half, going to 4 countries with 1 carry-on. I’ll post it on my other blog — The Everyday Minimalist.

Enjoy your day!

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