Meet my brother, the comedian on improving the quality of his team

Just got this email from him the other day that made me cry with tears of laughter.

———————–FB’S BROTHER’S EMAIL—————————————-

This is how I feel about some of my suggestions for improving the quality of the work in my team.

Caveman 1: Man.. it’s cold in this cave, and it’s dark, there are wolves and sabretooth tigers out there.

Caveman 2: Hey look what I got! fire! a gift from the gods! <— Brother

Caveman 1: It looks good…. but…

Caveman 2: See? it warms you, gives light, cooks your food, keeps the predators away. You just have to feed it wood to keep it going, and make sure that you keep it in its fire pit.

Caveman 1: But it’s so hot, and it’s taking up space for my favourite club.

Caveman 2: But it keeps the wolves at bay! See?

Caveman 1: I don’t like it, it’s too much work, and it burns my fingers.

Caveman 3,4,5,6,7: Yeah, it burns us!

Caveman 1: Put it out, I don’t like it

Caveman 2:


Best line ever: Put it out, I dont like it

I had to keep from dying on the floor of my cubicle from laughter.

This is so funny because it’s so familiar and pathetic at the same time, having worked with people exactly like that.

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