Canadians and Debt: A look into how we manage our money

Mint launched in Canada and sent out this cute little infographic.

  • We are somewhat satisfied with our finances
  • It’s weird to me that you can make $100,000+ and less satisfied than other incomes* WTF?
*Money really doesn’t buy happiness 😛

  • We don’t seem to have high amounts of debt but 23% of us have $20k+ in the hole
  • That means the average amount of debt at $29,00 is thrown off by that 23%
  • I’m guessing student loans & mortgages for the most part

  • We have debt, but we’re trying hard to clear it.
  • Am pleased to see a quarter of us have no debt at all! 🙂

  • The majority of us pay attention to our finances in some way (84%)
  • I am curious as to what they mean by “some” or “a lot” of attention.

Entire infographic found here on*.

*No, I am still not a believer of, even though they’re in Canada now.
I’m too paranoid to let anyone else get a hold of the exact numbers, stats, what stores I shopped at, when, for how much, etc. I don’t mind posting general numbers but it’s all I’ll do. I’ll stick to my budgeting sheet.

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